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Two months ago I rebelled again. I was tired of paying $80.00 for a shipment of Peet’s decaf coffee k-cups. It was the only decaf coffee I liked. It came out to about $.75 per Keurig k-cup or – as I read somewhere – the equivalent of $20.00 a pound.

So, I started researching decaf coffee beans again. I knew that the Kicking Horse brand of decaf was wonderful, but also mucho expensive. It uses the Swiss water extraction method of removing caffeine which is much better for you than the chemical process most coffee makers use. Kicking Horse has to be the BEST decaf in the entire world. It’s wonderful and it has a kick (pun intended) that most decaf coffees lack. 

Along with my search for coffee beans I also started looking for coffee makers. (I had donated all my coffee makers to Salvation Army.) I wanted something inexpensive, easy, fast, and safe that brewed a good cup of coffee.

For the last two months I’ve been in luv. I bought the Bonavita coffee maker.

It is so cool and amazingly fast. Plus, it brews a wonderful cup of coffee. I don’t think I could go back to Keurig now. It only takes minutes more than the Keurig and the coffee is stronger. If I have to drink decaf I want it to taste good.

Oh, and here’s my winner for taste testing – Don Pablo decaf – using the Swiss water extraction method. It’s much less expensive than Kicking Horse, but it’s as good. (I buy it from their website.)

The Keurig is still on my counter. I use it for hot water for tea.

How about you? Do you have to drink decaf like I do? (My blood pressure is affected by caffeine.) Have you ever tried Kicking Horse or Don Pablo coffee?