Another Chapter in My Coffee Wars

Two months ago I rebelled again. I was tired of paying $80.00 for a shipment of Peet’s decaf coffee k-cups. It was the only decaf coffee I liked. It came out to about $.75 per Keurig k-cup or – as I read somewhere – the equivalent of $20.00 a pound.

So, I started researching decaf coffee beans again. I knew that the Kicking Horse brand of decaf was wonderful, but also mucho expensive. It uses the Swiss water extraction method of removing caffeine which is much better for you than the chemical process most coffee makers use. Kicking Horse has to be the BEST decaf in the entire world. It’s wonderful and it has a kick (pun intended) that most decaf coffees lack. 

Along with my search for coffee beans I also started looking for coffee makers. (I had donated all my coffee makers to Salvation Army.) I wanted something inexpensive, easy, fast, and safe that brewed a good cup of coffee.

For the last two months I’ve been in luv. I bought the Bonavita coffee maker.

It is so cool and amazingly fast. Plus, it brews a wonderful cup of coffee. I don’t think I could go back to Keurig now. It only takes minutes more than the Keurig and the coffee is stronger. If I have to drink decaf I want it to taste good.

Oh, and here’s my winner for taste testing – Don Pablo decaf – using the Swiss water extraction method. It’s much less expensive than Kicking Horse, but it’s as good. (I buy it from their website.)

The Keurig is still on my counter. I use it for hot water for tea.

How about you? Do you have to drink decaf like I do? (My blood pressure is affected by caffeine.) Have you ever tried Kicking Horse or Don Pablo coffee?

14 thoughts on “Another Chapter in My Coffee Wars”

  1. I also used to drink decaf for health reasons. Used to. I had to give it up totally because even decaf has caffeine in it and I found that the better the decaf tasted, the more caffeine it usually had. I drink decaf green tea (minimal caffeine but hopefully the health benefits of green tea) and a few herbal teas. I miss coffee. Every. Single. Day.

    • I like the Swiss water method. It seems to take out more caffeine. Luckily, my blood pressure is okay with these two coffees. I am now drinking lots of herbal teas, however. I love Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon tea. (Decaf, of course.)

  2. I love the cup!

    I use the Keurig (Pike’s Place Roast) my coffee pot and for a special treat my French press. I really love the richness of the flavor when I use it. My favorite coffee bean is the peaberry. I first had it when I went to Hawaii; it can be fairly expensive. Peaberry and Italian Roast are my favorites.

  3. It really depends on how I feel in the mornings when I wake up.
    Am I having coffee? Tea?
    And most of the times it’s going to be regular not decaf coffee.
    I only drink one cup in the morning and that’s it for coffee for me.
    If it’s a tea day then I’m drinking two cups.
    I still have my Keurig and love it.
    No hassles and no problems…..yet….LOL!
    I’m glad you found coffee that you like, I do feel for you because you have to watch what you eat and drink.
    I never heard of Kicking Horse or Don Pablo coffee.
    I’ll try and see if anyone here sells it.
    So far no major health problems for me, still crossing my fingers that I don’t jinx myself.
    So I’m still doing my “life is short, so eat dessert first” routine, I LOVE it!
    Have a good day!

    • I love Harney & Sons tea. They make a decaf Hot Cinnamon tea that’s wonderful. I love it. Plus, they have something else called Paris Decaf that I really like, too.

      I don’t want you to think that I’m pure as the wind driven snow. I occasionally slip off my purity band wagon and eat something I shouldn’t. But then I haul myself back up. 🙂 I really can’t drink caffeine, however, because it raises my systolic blood pressure about thirty points. I don’t want that, so I have to stick to decaf, darn it.

    • Some mornings I start with tea, too. Not often, though. I can make coffee now even when I’m half asleep. It’s muscle memory. 🙂

  4. I don’t have to use decaf and quite often we use a reusable coffee pod in our Keurig. You just add whatever coffee you want and use like a regular pod. I like to use organic flavoured coffee as well as we get 24 pods for $15 at one of our stores. Not too pricey and really good coffee.

    • Unfortunately, the reusable coffee pods have never worked for me. Probably because I try to cram too much coffee in there. I like my coffee really strong. Both the Kickhorse coffee and the Don Pablo coffee allow me to brew it strong so that satisfies my strong cravings.

  5. I usually only drink one cup of coffee a day in the morning & I want the caffeine to help get me going. I try not to have caffeine later in the day, unless I’m really dragging, because it will keep me up. I mostly use a Keurig & my favorite brand is Gevalia. I try to look for pods at about 50 cents each.

    • When I could drink caffeine I always went for the strongest coffee they had. I love the convenience of a Keurig which is why I still have mine on the counter. It works great for tea.

  6. I don’t drink decaf but because I have stomach issues I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning. I also take blood pressure medicine so I’m happy with one cup.

    • I have a goal of getting off BP meds. We’ll see if I make it. Ever since my surgery my blood pressure has been steadily going down. Yay!

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