I Can’t Believe I Did This

Let me see if I can explain this in a way that makes sense.

This is my desk. It’s a partners’ desk, but I use all the available surface and only sit on one side.

I sit with the bookcases to my right. About 12″ to my right are two file drawers. I use a recliner when I work, so I can put my feet up, rock back and forth or just change position easily. It’s an oversized La-Z-Boy recliner, so it’s big – and wide.ย 

Stanley whines when he wants to come up and join me. Stanley is the MOST verbal dog I’ve ever known. I defy you to be dictating when he whines. Sometimes I let him up and he jumps up on one arm and walks over me to get to the right arm. There he sits in a curled up ball, making it almost impossible to type.

Most of the time I tell him, “No, Stanley, I have to work.” He then sits on my feet and pouts.

The other day I had a brilliant idea to find something to bridge that gap of about a foot between the arm of the recliner and the file cabinet. If I could find something with the right measurements, I could put Stanley’s blanket there and he could sit there while I worked. He would be right next to me, but I would still be able to type.ย 

Voila! The above table that I bought. It is 11.5″ deep and 24″ wide. It’s also short enough that I can push it under the desk when it’s not in use.

I don’t know if y’all have adapted your lives to your pets, but there is no end to the adaptation in the Ranney household. When the table comes I’m going to put it together and hopefully my brilliant idea will work. I’ll post pictures one way or the other.

How about you? Have you changed your life for your pet?

14 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Did This”

  1. Oh good heavens yes. I have more cat beds and boxes, have blocked off any holes, and have given up on having good furniture lol. And my outside, covered porch is a cat sanctuary lol.

  2. Jeep the cat sleeps next to me in what I can only describe as a womb position She gets under the cover as close to my chest as possible. You can tell she is secure because she purrs until she falls asleep. So yeah I had to change the very way I sleep at night

  3. Our elderly cat, Humphrey, was unable to jump up onto the sofa to curl up, so we have put a long footrest in front of it so that he now has 2 levels to get himself up on to cuddle. It’s a pain for us because we are always having to move it back to get up ourselves, but we do love him. We also have to run out to vets every week to get him his pain meds for his bladder stone, so yeah, we have changed things a bit.

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