Thoughts on the California Fires

When I was little and we lived in Sherman, Texas, the field next to our house caught on fire. I can still remember the fire trucks barrelling up the road and parking next to the fence and in the driveway. My parents were out and my brother and I had a babysitter and she was panicking. So was I. The fire was like this huge, untamed monster eating everything in its path. I remember being afraid for the poor cows I’d always seen from my bedroom window.

To this day I have a healthy fear of fire.

The pictures coming out of California are tragic and terrifying. I know thousands of people have lost their homes, but it’s their lives that mean more. Can you imagine being faced with a wall of fire? Paradise, California is essentially gone. There are three main fronts: the Campfire (northern part of California), the Woolsey and Hill fires (southern part of California).

A photo from NASA of the wildfires

James Woods, who has done a yeoman’s job of tweeting and re-tweeting from his Twitter account about the missing during the past five days of fires, has provided a link for people who want to contribute and help the victims. It’s a list of organizations accepting donations:

Something a person said about horses struck me as painfully poignant. If you can’t get your horses into a trailer and evacuate them, remove their halters, and allow them to go free after you’ve written your phone number on their hooves with a Sharpie or spray painted the number on their flanks.

May God protect all the people and the animals in the path of these fires.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the California Fires”

  1. I feel for those in California. For one author I know, each of her parents lost everything in Paradise.

    I remember a mountain fire when I was visiting my grandparents in Tennessee. A careless cigarette caused a lot of damage. Helicopters flew over with the retardant they drop, my day and many others went with shovels to help contain the fire. Fortunately, it was under control quickly.

  2. I can only imagine the fear I’d feel if I was there – the videos people showed of their drives on roads surrounded by fire are so scary! So many people have already been confirmed dead in these fires & so many are still on the missing list that it will probably go up. And so many of the people who have lost their homes are not people with means – I wonder how much is covered by insurance, if they even have it. One author I read lost her home in Paradise & her sisters home too. So devastating!

  3. I don’t think I’ll complain about the rain here in NS ever again. Our lakes are full and we are in no danger of fire. We see so much news footage from the fires and we really hope that people and animals are able to escape. Bless them.

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