I Covet…I Yearn

This is the Roomba i7+. It is $949.00. It looks like it would be worth it, but it’s just on my wish list for now. Way down on my wish list after a new bathroom and kitchen floor.

However, it does something no other Roomba does. It empties its own dirt tray. That’s the ONLY thing bad about a Roomba. It’s a pain in the wazzoo to clean those things. However, I LOVE my Roombas. I run them about three times a week and only use the regular vacuum once every two months or so.

Here’s a great review video about the new version: 

Oh, and if it’s something you want to buy for Christmas, here’s the link.

(I’m still lusting in my heart. Sigh.)

6 thoughts on “I Covet…I Yearn”

  1. I would love to have just one Roomba to run around my downstairs. To be honest though I kind of enjoy vacuuming 😂 there’s a certain sense of satisfaction of looking at a debris free floor. It would be great to have one upstairs to get under my dusty bed.

    • Let me tell you a secret. I love my Roombas, but I HATE cleaning them. They’re a mess to clean which is why I covet the self-cleaning models. They don’t do deep cleaning, but they do a great surface job.

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