Funny Finds

The other day I was bopping around Amazon when I saw a mug that read “got milk?” I don’t know why, but I typed “Got Karen” in the search box and up came the above cup. I guess you can buy anything at Amazon. I would have bought it – if nothing else to remind me to find my brain in the morning before I start work – but the little darling was $20.00. I don’t think so.

Anyway, on the same search page was this cup – “I’m sorry you’re old.” That cracked me up, and so did the very next item. I guess the “I’m sorry you’re old” cup led to the next logical product – mattress protectors.

I’d love to figure out Amazon’s algorithms one of these days. 

Just for grins I typed in sexy in the Amazon search box. This is what I got – with a label of “musical instruments”.

It is to laugh as Daffy Duck would say.  (Or was it Bugs Bunny?)

3 thoughts on “Funny Finds”

  1. Good evening, Ms. Karen,

    Bwahahaha, that last find is hilarious! And it it begging to be said and since you didn’t say it, I will say it for you……”Lord love a duck”!!!!

    I hope that you and Sir Stanley are enjoying the Autumn weather that is starting to kick in.

    Hugs to you both 💕

  2. Good Morning Karen,

    It is funny what you can find on Amazon. Your last search result had my mind go down a weird path. All I could think was “Toot your own horn”. Maybe how the men were posed and musical instruments? Or maybe it’s lack of sleep. Lol

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