Just in Case There Was Any Doubt…

We’re having an influx of gnats in San Antonio, or at least in my neck of the woods. I’m going nuts. I’ve done everything, but I suspect they come in every time I let Stanley out. Or around the windows. Or something. I have an indoor bug zapper on the floor next to the back door.

Stanley is terrified of the zapper. He flinches every time it kills one of those suckers. Nothing I’ve tried for the past week is working. He will not go in the kitchen. That means he won’t eat. He won’t drink.

Tonight I brought Stanley’s food and water to him in the office. Yes, he is spoiled and yes, I am co-dependent.

Hi, my name is Karen and I’m a dogaholic.

16 thoughts on “Just in Case There Was Any Doubt…”

  1. We had storms here in Illinois last night , poor Fluffman the cat terrified , would not move. I put a bowl of food next to him , Just in case he got hungry ( he was laying in the doorway of my room) Jeep , Fluffman’s sister goes over to him almost like she was going to comfort him and then she was like “well if you not going to eat this” . What a sympathetic sis!!! (Fluffman did eat after the storm was over ) Maybe the zapper is to Stanley like storms are to Fluffman But you are a good pet parent . Stanley appreciates what you do for him

    • Your cats are so lucky, Jeff.

      I wish Stanley wasn’t so scared, but it’s early days yet. Maybe in a few years he’ll be more tolerant of strange things. Or not. 🙂

  2. You are a good dog mama and Stanley is fortunate to have you – or you are fortunate that Stanley has you. Whatever.

    • I’ve often thought that God, in His infinite wisdom, decided that Stanley and I were made for each other. He needed someone to be his handmaiden since I could no longer cater to Flash and I needed someone to help me over my grief and give me purpose. Can I tell you how many times since May I’ve just started shaking my head and muttering, “Are you kidding me?” Stanley gives me purpose all right. 🙂

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