Weird Question: Do You Wash Your Face Every Day?

I know, that question sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Here’s my answer: I don’t.

I rinse it twice a day, morning and night, but I don’t use soap or any type of cleaner. I read something a long time ago how using soap will strip your skin of oils. Sometimes I use a very weak solution of baking soda mixed with water to rinse my face, but most of the time it’s only warm water.

I don’t use moisturizer either.  My eyes sting when I put almost anything on my face so that’s one reason. The other is something else I read about moisturizers pulling down the skin and being more harmful than helpful.

How about you?

12 thoughts on “Weird Question: Do You Wash Your Face Every Day?”

  1. Interesting question Karen. I’m a sucker for beauty routines. I shower twice per day and cleanse my face with cetaphil. I exfoliate once per day and use moisturizer morning and night whether I wear makeup or not. I’ve been told many times that I have beautiful skin and look younger than my age. I love Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream. It’s really good stuff.

  2. I have only used water to wash my face for about 30 years. I started using OTC hydrocortisone as a moisturizer then (had an issue with reactions to my shampoo at the time and just continued). I feel clean once a week or so. I am also almost 72 with very few wrinkles and told i look 10-15 years younger.

  3. I do wash my face daily with a mild facial wash.
    I exfoliate about twice or three times a month.
    And I do use a night-time moisturizer.

    Mainly because I am outside a lot doing yard and garden work and I need to get the grime off my face.
    When the breeze blows I can just feel the dirt landing everywhere.

    So far I have no problems or issues with my skin.
    For a 60 year old I think I’m OK…..LOL….but that’s just my opinion.
    My hubby thinks I’m gorgeous, even when I’m up to my elbows in dirt.
    I told him he needs his eyes checked and soon! LOL!!

    Have a good evening Ms. Karen! 🌷

  4. I usually use soap or body wash when I shower. I do wash my face with warm water everyday after I get up. Didn’t know about the moisturizer. I haven’t worn makeup nor dyed my hair since I retired. When I did buy moisturizer it was a waste of money but I never would remember to use it. .

  5. Hadn’t heard that about moisturizer! I don’t use it, I used to, for some reason I stopped. No, I don’t wash my face with soap, but I don’t wear makeup either.
    I do rinse it off with warm water, though. Or cool, when it’s hot!

  6. Yes, I do wash my face every day. I’m either swimming in a lake or very soon a pool. So, shower afterwards. Having said that, I am an aromatherapist so I never use anything that you would buy in a store. I make my own face wash and have come up with a natural face cream that I’ve given to friends with dry skin and they love it. A couple of years ago, my hair was dry and my skin was dry, so I went for a biofeedback and it turned out that I wasn’t absorbing essential fatty acids, so I started massaging the soles of my feet with organic coconut oil every night before bed. Problem solved within a week.

  7. When I stayed at home for many years I definitely didn’t every day. Now I’m out every day but still don’t use soap every day but guilty on the moisturizer.

  8. In the shower I wash ya face with shampoo any other time it is with just a warm wash cloth. I don’t always use moisturizer on my face only when it feels too dry. I get the whole eyes stinging thing too. Mine do the same thing. I do believe you need to exfoliate your face to get off all the dry dead skin, I don’t do that often enough I’m afraid. Too busy really. Thanks for asking this question.

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