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I think I’m entering the age when I get snarky in public. My philosophy has always been to keep my head down, get on with my tasks, and just let bygones be bygones.

However, people on phones are wearing me down.

I’m itching to tell people to stop talking on their phones in any place where another person is present. Truly, itching to shut them up.

I’d do it politely. “Would you please hang up? Or go somewhere I can’t hear you? I don’t need to hear you argue with your mother-in-law or your husband. I’ve already raised my children so I don’t need pointers from you. Perhaps it would be better to talk to your lawyer somewhere else. Or your real estate broker in another room. I don’t want to hear details of your personal life.”

Okay, maybe there isn’t a way to do it politely.

This week I’ve been subjected to an argument a guy had with his mother on the phone when I went to the store. Another woman in the doctor’s office was fussing about her home for sale with her real estate person. A second woman wanted to let her mother know all about her medical tests. People, really. Are you aware that strangers are being made privy to private information?

I don’t answer my phone when I’m out. I put it on Do Not Disturb. The only person I will let through is my son and even then I’ll ask if I can call him back. The only exception is an emergency.  I’m not that “special” that I need to take every call.

And I’m certainly not special enough to have to hear about other people’s lives in such intimate detail.

Am I being a fuddy-duddy? How do you feel about public phone conversations?