Can You Imagine?

…being a guy and coming out to get into your car first thing in the morning and seeing this?

Frankly, I have to hand it to the wronged party here: it’s inventive. I think you can probably have the car painted. It might even be cheaper than repairing it after it was keyed.

Just imagine driving to work. It’s such a perfect revenge because everyone would know after one glance that the guy was a dirt bag.

Frankly, I’d never do something like this only because I was too afraid of authority. I might want to, however. (With every fiber of my being.) The guy would definitely be toast, though.


10 thoughts on “Can You Imagine?”

  1. It looks like something I would do if I had an extensive relationship with someone and they decided to wander. He’s lucky if that’s all he’d get.

    • My imagination is always much better than my deeds. I might want to do something, but I rarely do it. I am, after all, a Southern Belle. (And so are you.) 🙂

    • In the story I’ve imagined, Denise, the paint is washable. Or the guy is such a dirt bag that the fine is worth it. However, if their police department is anything like ours, property crimes are so far down on the list of priorities that they are rarely addressed. When I was burgled the police told me that they wouldn’t even bother to look for the thief and my loss was over $25,000. Go figure.

  2. Actually I dont agree with this. Does the car owner even know the girl he was with had a SO/husband or did she lie to him? Plus the wronged party had an agreement with the woman, not with this guy. All of his anger should be directed at the woman who cheated on him.

    • I make stories up to suit myself, April. It’s probably a failing. In my story, it’s a guy’s car and the girlfriend has painted it. I “see” her as getting revenge because he cheated on her. Isn’t it interesting the different takes on this?

  3. How do you know it wasn’t painted by a crazy stalker? possibly an ex of the car owner? anybody who would do that has a screw loose, so I may be on the side of the victim (the car owner).

  4. Love this. Even better if it was done on passenger side and he wouldn’t know about it until later if his car had been in the garage. I wouldn’t have the nerve to do this but sure can think of scumbags I’d love to do it to.

    • Steph, you’re downright brilliant. Wouldn’t that have been priceless?

      I do love all the different opinions, though. That makes the whole picture so much more interesting.

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