What Do You Think of This?

I was bopping along this morning, taking care of administrative stuff, plus handling some personal details when I saw this question on a writer’s message board: 

Where is the best place to let readers know about your book’s Kickstarter?*

Okay, I cannot tell a lie. My hackles immediately went on full alert. 

I’m not a fan of Patreon. I made my opinion known here. Kickstarter is the first cousin of Patreon. It’s like: hey, reader, you pay me to write this book, okay? If I get enough money, I’ll write it. 

Uh, no. That’s not how this works. 

Even if you have a fan base, you owe them a delivered product. It is my humble opinion that you shouldn’t beg them for money with the promise that you’ll produce. 

And if you’re a brand new writer why should anyone take a chance on you? It’s like throwing money out the window. 

What do you think? Would you contribute to a writer who’d never produced a book? Or, if the author is well known, would you give money on the premise that the book might be written?

*Kickstarter is a funding website where you list a project and people contribute to it. www.kickstarter.com

10 thoughts on “What Do You Think of This?”

  1. I am all for supporting new writers that’s how good books come to life, every author starts with a first book. When I enjoy a book I give reviews, comment about it, tell friends and people I know, ask my daughter to review it on her blog…If by any chance I know the person, I will encourage him/her, I”ll even offer to the cover as a gift if they need, but what you are describing here…..I know people are doing things differently nowadays and I can’t judge, but I can go with what I think about it and…. sorry but no.

  2. No way. I have seen this with some of the quilters that I follow and now one of the computer newsletters I get has started it also. .

  3. Hello Karen,
    I trust that your day is going well 😊

    Nothing surprises me these days and no I wouldn’t. I would rather put my money into my trusted authors that I love and know that they are going to produce a worthy book. Enough said! Lol

  4. I would definitely NOT contribute to an aspiring writer coaxing them to write a book. I am OK with Go Fund Me pages for emergencies, but before a book is even written? Why shouldn’t the “author” go through the process of writing, submitting, receiving rejections (probably), rewriting manuscript (honing his/her craft), editing, THEN get to enjoy seeing their words published? I cannot see a reason they would/should be exempt from “the system”. Just my opinion.

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