The Rich Are Different

This little puppy is $1140.00 

This, my friends, is a dog bed. 

It costs $1140.00.

Okay, then. 

This dog toy costs $62.00

This is a dog toy. 

It costs $62.00. 

Are you kidding? 

This is the European website. (I think it’s German.)  Evidently, they cater to a certain clientele. I’m not their demographic. 

You know what Stanley played with last night? A box. He had the best time for a whole hour tearing apart a small box. The mess was astronomical, but he really enjoyed himself. I guess he’s not their demographic, either. 

I feel like the hoi polloi. 

9 thoughts on “The Rich Are Different”

  1. Hi Karen,
    So glad to hear that Sir Stanley and yourself are doing good 😊

    The price on those items that you listed are astronomical! Even if I were rich and I only had a dog in my life, I would never spend that kind of money on items like that. Dogs are like children, the more simpler the item the more fun they have with it 😂

  2. That’s crazy for that stuff! My Roxsie doesn’t even like toys and enjoys her pillow and blankets. Stuff like that seems more for show and the dog doesn’t actually use them.

  3. And not cute at all, either of them. Daisy loves playing with her her little furry stuffed squeaky toys I pick up for her. Her favorite is the lamb chop one. It probably didn’t cost more than $7.00. I went to the website and and their designs are “minimalistic.” I’m glad I’m not like that. I know that I’m high maintenance but I’m not stuffy and cold and that’s what that website reminds me of.

  4. I am sorry to say I laughed out loud at Catherine’s story. I had a dog who ate 2 pair of my heels for work (that was in another century). I had a rabbit who ate electrical cords, book cases and several baskets.

    My son rescued 2 young boxer boys. One was a counter surfer, a pecan pie, most of a pizza etc. They also ate a large package of specialty fish food for his aquarium fish among other things. It took quite some time to get them to stop that. The same 2 boys figured out how to get out of nearly everywhere and into almost everywhere.

    The ultimate though. Day before yesterday, I found a beautiful Australian Shepherd walking down the middle of my street. She was being fostered by my next door neighbor. She had been in a crate on the second floor in the spare bedroom. She got out of the crate, out of a window, onto a shelf where the air conditioners rested, from that shelf to the roof of the garage and from the garage roof to the ground. She has separation anxiety.

    I am estimating that some of us spend more than the price of that dog bed on repairs and replacements that our dogs have destroyed. But, I also estimate that none of us regret having the pets we have.

    Saturday is Clear The Shelters Day here in Austin. Not sure it is the same all over the country. No matter what, it is a wonderful idea no matter what the day is.

  5. I’m sure you enjoyed watching Lord Stanley tear the box apart.
    I’ll tell you about a dog I had when left
    I had just put 2 fresh pies on the table and put a chair under the door knob to keep Spooky out of br.
    Spooky ate the 2 pies. When I returned she was lying on my white bedspread, her head on a huge stuffed skunk eating her ham bone.She had also chewed on the heel of a pair of dyed linen shoes.
    You can imagine my fury when I saw the shoe. I wanted to kill her, but didn’t.

    alone. If you don’t want

  6. The only word I can use is “ridiculous”. When you consider that some people are living on the streets, and some children don’t have enough to eat – ridiculous.

  7. So typical- give animals wow gifts and they play with the box it came in. We call our puppy demo dog as he dissects all fluff out of his toys and plays with the leftover shell. Our kittens could care less about toys but leave an empty box out and they think they struck gold. Same with kids. It’s just us (not me) that seems to need expensive items for show.

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