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I’ve probably mentioned this a thousand times, but I’m a privacy nut. You might not think so since I have my address printed on every book I mail out. Well, I have a theory about that. I’ve listened to authors pant about how you must always have a PO Box and you never, never, never release your home address.

Okay, here’a question: why should you give me your address if I’m paranoid about not giving you mine? That has never made sense to me. I don’t believe that I’m a special little princess just because I write books. 

I think online privacy is much more important, only because idiots in Vietnam are going to sell my credit information for $5.00 a pop on the Dark Web, but they’re not coming to my house.

To protect myself online, here’s what I do, in no particular order or ranking:

Lifelock – I have a super cheap membership that covers all the basics, including my credit cards. I’m truly glad for them because they’ve informed me of some sneaky stuff that I shut down immediately. Here’s a link to Lifelock.

VPN – Virtual Private Network – I used to use one when I did pirate hunting for two hours a day. Now I use one for everything on the Web. Click here for a 20% off deal through Kim Komando for the service I use.

Amazon Privacy Settings – I’ve set everything to private except for my reviews. Here’s an article that shows you how to do it.

Modem and Router Check – Every month I do a security check on my modem/router using the tool here or here. I also change my modem/router password pretty often. You’ll have to consult your ISP on how to do it.

Facebook and Twitter – I’m not on either and can’t be tracked. I personally believe that Facebook is one of the most intrusive services you can have. 

Google – I’m on no tracking everywhere. Here’s an article that will show you what Google knows about you. (Even though I’m not being tracked, I still check Google periodically.)

Do you do something additional to protect your privacy?