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Last night as I was trying to go back to sleep at 3:00 AM I went through the entire layout of my house in my mind. I’d moved everything that could be moved, gotten down as far as my bad knee would let me, and probed cavities. I could not find Esperanza Roomba. 

Then, I had a brilliant thought. What about under the treadmill? It’s a fancy dancy thing with the ability to do inclines or negative inclines. I’d used it that way the last time I’d gotten on it. Otherwise, there wasn’t any room beneath the walking surface for a Roomba to explore. 

This morning I went into the gym and looked at the treadmill. There, just peeking out from beneath it, was Esperanza’s little brush attachment. Voila! 

You can barely see the brush attachment.

Silly thing. 

I had to lift the treadmill up and lock it to get the Roomba out. 

That big lump of black fur is Stanley “trying to help”. 

I’m happy to report that Esperanza and Pedro have been reunited at last. 

With a bonus shadow of me taking a picture.