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The other day WordPress had an upgrade. Along with the upgrade was the notice that Gutenberg would be implemented in its next big release. Basically, Gutenberg is a new operating system for WordPress. It changes everything, from the way you write a blog to inserting pictures.  

Segue here: most people don’t like change. It forces them out of their comfort zones. Sometimes, change makes us reevaluate thoughts that were once unshakable.

There has been a lot of grousing about the change to Gutenberg, mainly from developers. I don’t know enough about developing on WordPress to be intelligent about this, but I’m guessing that developers feel their ox is being gored. If you announce a new operating system that doesn’t need so much tinkering in the background, will you need developers? Or maybe it’s just the opposite. Maybe the developers know that there will be oodles of extra work because of the change.

Either way, I’m writing this post using Gutenberg and it’s not appreciably different from other software I’ve used. MailChimp is my newsletter vendor and they use the same block technique. Actually, I like it a bunch. It puts everything you need to know within one page. If you’re running a WordPress website, check it out. It might not be as scary as everyone thinks. 

Of course, I don’t know if it’s going to clash with the theme I’m currently running on WordPress. I could go belly up whenever they go live. 

Ah, technology. Ain’t it grand?