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It’s the most amazing thing, but when you reach a certain age (Ahem. Ahem.) your face changes, almost every day.

This morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and was amazed that I had a new wrinkle on the left side of my mouth.

I don’t have that many wrinkles for my age (Ahem. Ahem.) so I’m always surprised when I get a new one.

Ever since I was 17 years old and read an article in a magazine I’ve been very kind to the skin around my eyes and consequently don’t have many lines there.

Sometimes the changes I see last. Sometimes, they’re a temporary thing based on how much sleep I got or how I slept.

Occasionally, as I’m going past a mirror, I will glance at myself and see the echoes of my paternal grandmother. I only saw her on glancing trips to Missouri. She was a lovely, kind, and warm woman. The older I get, the more I resemble her. So maybe I should have spared her more attention.

How about you? Are you ever surprised by your appearance in the morning?