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Something odd happened to me today.

I got all my laundry done yesterday, so when I woke up this morning I got dressed, made the bed, and started working on all those pesky administrative things that I delayed all week. Bank statements, new ads for the books, a few catch-up business emails, that sort of thing.

I was setting up a new ad and I put July 14 through August 14 as the date range. I looked at July 14 and I asked myself why is that date so important?

First my brain said: it’s Bastille Day.

Then my brain said: it’s the anniversary of Flash’s death.

Can I tell you how surprised I am by that?

I dreaded this anniversary. I thought I would be crying all day. Instead of bursting into tears I was almost overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude.

I am so lucky to have had Flash in my life for however long I had him. I still maintain that he taught me so much. It’s because of him that I have Stanley. I wanted to be a dog owner again. I wanted to feel that shared love. I wanted to think about another creature other than myself all the time.

Silly Stanley has taken that idea and run with it.

He ate a piece of plastic yesterday and when I tried to get it out of his mouth all I succeeded in doing was shoving it down his throat. I immediately gave him a piece of bread and he thought that was pretty good. The plastic is small, 1/4 inch long and about that narrow. The vet thinks that it will pass and all I need to do is keep an eye on him and I have. I feel like I need to go behind him with a strainer.

I swear, when I cleaned up the yard the other day and looked at his, well, excretions, I found some stuff that was blue (the plastic from his Lure Pole) and green (from his plastic chew toy). I’ve taken everything plastic away from him and scoured the house for stuff he can eat.

So, I’m worried about him which is part of having a dog in your life, too.

Still, even with keeping me on my toes, I’m grateful for Stanley.

I think dogs are wonderful. They’re not only smart and loving, they enhance our lives. In most cases, I also think that they make us better people.

I know Flash did. The jury’s still out on Silly Stanley. 🙂