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I read something once that said psychologists say that Tuesday is the most forgettable day of the week. Poor Tuesday, so maligned.

My Tuesday, on the other hand, has been delightfully piquant. Droll, with a hint of panic, mixed with a soupçon of pure terror.

Y’all, there’s a lot of sarcasm in the above sentence.

My hosting service announced that they were merging with another company. All I had to do was migrate my website over to the new company. Easy, right? Nope. I didn’t like the company they merged with because of previous dealings, so off I went to do a search of hosting providers.

Not as easy as it looks.

I called. I asked questions. I immediately nixed any company that didn’t have customer service phone ability. I don’t do email or instant messenger well when it comes to technical problems.

So, I found a company that sounded good, called, asked questions, signed up for their annual service, and wrote a service ticket to have my website migrated to them.

Not as easy as it looks.

I got an email response to the service ticket. There’s a problem. We can sign on to your FTP, but can’t transfer any of your data.

I contacted my existing host provider. Here’s the problem, can you help? (I’ve written about their technical support before. If they CAN be snarky, they will be. I will not miss that aspect of their service.)

They finally answer. We’ve assigned ownership of your FTP file to you. Huh? You mean MY file wasn’t MY file after all? Never mind. Just fix it.

I went back to the new hosting service. It should be fixed.

In the middle of the night I received the information that the site had been transferred. Now all I had to do was go into the terminal on my Mac, enter the new IP address so that it could create a temporary record, save the terminal settings, clear the browser’s cache and check to see if the site is working.


I then had to go to the company that maintains my domain name and change where the DNS pointed (and worry about the MX records for my email). I swear, I don’t know what I would have done without a certain gentleman by the name of Ken who absolutely saved me, ensured that my karenranney.net domain was forwarded to my karenranney.com domain, and how to troubleshoot my email.

Incredibly easy, thanks to Ken. Everything works.

Add in a little extra drama thanks to Lord Stanley. He hadn’t gone potty since 3:00 PM yesterday. He didn’t go out last night. He didn’t go out this morning. I even put his food in a dish and put it on the ground. He wouldn’t go and get it. Finally, at 9:00 AM I was ready for bear (and agitated because of all the web mess) and he must have seen that glint in my eyes. I’m delighted to say the dog has done his thing. (Please, God, I know the farmers and ranchers need the rain, but can you make it dry up really fast here?).

Stanley wouldn’t use the puppy pads I got him, but I had a brilliant idea I’m going to implement. (Brilliant being in the eye of the beholder, you understand.) I’m going to save some cardboard to put on the ground next time it rains. He can jolly well go on the cardboard. I will  be a happy camper.

Okay, back to web stuff. If you’ve had an issue reaching my site, or you got an unsecured warning before I attached SSL to the site, not to worry. All is well now. (SSL changes the address from http to https://karenranney.com  – and stands for Secure Socket Layer. Basically, it means there’s an encrypted link between my web server and your browser and therefore extra security.)

I sincerely hope your Tuesday is calm, uneventful, and downright fun.