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Lord Stanley has an anal gland issue and must be expressed about every two months. When he starts to scoot and lick, it’s a sign. I wish I could get him to stop the LAD stuff. (I’ve started calling it the Lick-a-dick routine.) He jumps up on my lap and the FIRST thing he does is LAD. With lots of slurping. Ewwwwwww. Then he wants to give me kisses. (Subdued ewwww.)

Anyway, today:

It wasn’t a papilloma virus on his head, chin, and chest. Just a bacterial thingee. The chin and chest have cleared up. I have ointment for his head. No clue why.

The lipoma near his shoulder turns out to be the second chip implant. Okay, then.

He had his glands and nails done, plus I asked the vet about his severe and nearly paralyzing anxiety. Stanley is easily spooked. She recommended some over the counter things. I’m going to use his thunder shirt more often and the OTC stuff. Plus, I’m going to move his crate into the kitchen for him to get used to – we’ll see how that works.

I had his weight wrong. It’s 20.9, not 22 pounds. He actually lost 1 oz, so I’m relieved.  I’ve been giving him oodles of treats, but he’s a whirling dervish. Not today, though. He came home and collapsed, sleeping nearly three hours.

He’s now chewing his favorite toy, his Kong frog. All is well, but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.