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…oodles o’stuff.

  • your comments that touch me, make me laugh or think. Thank you.
  • my motorized couch with my feet way up in the air. I’m sitting here on a Monday afternoon with my laptop, next to Stanley who is twitching in his sleep. We went to get gas earlier and do a car wash. He was not amused.
  • the quiet of a summer afternoon. Even the doves are taking a break with the heat. I’ve stopped consulting Weather Underground. I don’t WANT to know how hot it is, thanks.
  • my air conditioner. Okay, it was over $1000.00 last time, but it was worth it. I’m sitting here absolutely comfy.
  • Stanley, who cracks me up or makes me go, “Aww.” He is the cutest thing, but he requires constant companionship, touching, and affirmation. I read that Scottish terriers are prone to fixating on one person and suffer from extreme stress when left alone. I have an appointment soon where I have to undergo these funky tests on my eyes and will be gone for a few hours. I’m putting Stanley in the kitchen behind a gate for 30 minutes a day to get him used to the idea that I’m coming back. He will not be abandoned. So far the whining is just the most pitiful thing you’ve ever heard and when I open the gate it’s like I’ve been gone for weeks. Even now, when he’s asleep on the bolster next to me a part of him has to be touching a part of me. Right at the moment it’s his paw on my leg.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely Monday. Stay cool!