Keeping Faith

Have you seen the Welsh series called Keeping Faith, produced by BBC Wales? It stars Eve Myles who also starred in Torchwood and was filmed in Welsh and English at the same time.

Welsh is one of those languages that completely defeats me. I can’t even pronounce the names of the towns. When I traveled there I learned to just point to the name and have someone else say it.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous country, however.

Amy Wadge wrote and sang the music for the series, and the title song, Faith’s Song, is haunting and beautiful.

It’s rare when I can completely identify with a character in a series. I had that experience with Keeping Faith. Faith has a way of handling things that reminded me of how I handled trauma. Very stoic until I collapsed.

The plot is that Faith is a lawyer and mother of three, married to her lawyer husband. She’s currently on maternity leave. He disappears one day and she has to find a way to cope, solve the mystery of his disappearance, save their law firm, and try to be a mother at the same time. I think it’s beautifully acted, but it is very emotional.

I watched it on Acorn TV – I seem to be watching more and more British and Australian TV these days – which you can get on Amazon or on Roku.


6 thoughts on “Keeping Faith”

  1. I’ll be looking for this series on the stations I have available. I, too, have been watching much more British TV.

  2. I have not seen this but I think you watch a lot of different stuff. It sounds interesting though. Although we have a tv in each room we stay downstairs and share the tv so sometimes I am stuck watching golf, or someone building a house with straw 😂

  3. Thanks for sharing, Karen. I’m not familiar with this series, but I’ll be checking it out. The song is beautiful.

  4. Hubby and I <3 the BBC mysteries BUT we can't manage to understand the dialogue if it's got a lot of accent…

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