Do You Ever Wonder About Some People?

The other day I had to sign for a foreign package. The postman was standing at the door waiting for me as I walked Stanley to the door.

He and Flash have/had the same attitude about strangers. Strangers are no good. No bueno por nada.

Flash, however, just lunged and barked at people. Stanley has attempted to dine on them.

I opened the screen door, holding onto Stanley’s leash. If I could have put him inside my office I would have, but I didn’t have time. He was growling. The postman, who was a woman, handed me the package and the machine to sign. So, leash, machine, package. Then SHE REACHES IN AND STARTS TO TRY TO PET STANLEY.


I said, in my most dulcet tones: DON’T DO THAT!!! ย DON’T TRY TO PET HIM. BACK OFF!

Look, I’m normally a Southern Belle, y’all, but I could not understand why that woman was trying to pet a growling dog. I was trying to control Stanley while holding onto that other crap, but I was scared he was going to bite her. We’re still working on manners.



Honey, if you used to train dogs, you know better than to try to pet a growling dog. He didn’t bite her, but he didn’t stop growling. I told him NO and he finally stopped, but she was an idiot.

Then I told her that he had only been with me two weeks and we were still working on manners. She said, WELL, THAT DOG NEEDS A WHIPPING.

I came so damn close to throwing that package at her. Or letting Stanley bite her.

That had to be the stupidest woman I’ve ever met in my life.

Do you ever wonder about people?ย 


26 thoughts on “Do You Ever Wonder About Some People?”

  1. Boy, what a whacko comment is that!!
    Whip another persons dog….really?!
    Especially after you told her NOT to pet him. I believe owners know their pets better than a stranger. Makes sense that sheโ€™s a delivery person now, I wouldnโ€™t hire her to train my doggies.

    • I really shouldn’t have gone off and complained about her, Dalila, but she shocked me with her stupidity. Yep, I’m still capable of being shocked by some people’s stupidity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธI am the worst probably at doing stupid things like that and they almost always involve animals. Against good common since I will cross the street and go out of my way to say hello to a doggie that I donโ€™t know. Or try to grab a TSA dogs attention so I can say hello.

    That being said I do have the common sense to back off when one is visibly growling at me and showing their teeth. Stupid is as stupid does and sometimes I fall into that bracket…..I tried to make friends with a giant baboon-like monkey ๐Ÿ’ for Gods sakes ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • I can’t see you doing what that woman did, Toni. (Resist the urge to go out on the tarmac with a banana in the future and you should be okay. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  3. Criminey! If she was a dog trainer, she was a bad one. No dog learns from a whipping. Stanley sensed something off about her and that’s why he continued to growl. Well, his manners might not be the best but he’s not going to let anyone bad near his Karen. That’s a good thing in some respects. You did good telling her not to pet him. Had he bit her, she was forewarned. But no, we don’t want Stanley biting. That’s not a good thing – for him.
    This southern belle would’ve told her where to take her dog training. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • He doesn’t growl at John anymore. He just growls at strangers, which is fine with me. But I would have said the same thing to her if it had been Flash. Flash, being so much larger, was more difficult to restrain. And, frankly, scarier. Stanley is still cute, even while growling.

  4. Where in the world did she learn to train dogs! Whipping a dog is not part of training, ding bat of a woman. I’m not a Southern Belle by any means, good thing she’s not my postal delivery person.

    • I am uber polite in society. I’m so polite I almost apologize for being there. But I kind of lost it with her. I shouted. I yelled. Dumb does that to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. It gets to be a way of life after a while. The only wonder in it after a while is that we really waste the time wondering. We should
    wonder at the fact that there are still people we don’t wonder about.S

    PS You were absolutely right about that woman. I bet she didn’t close her hand so her fingers didn’t get bitten. She is NO trainer
    that I’ve ever met and I have met many.

  6. Where I live (in Indianapolis) the mail carriers are armed with pepper spray for growling/attacking/biting dogs. I have never seen it being used, but have seen it one the news. She is probably one of those people who gets a dog and chains it up in the backyard next to a dog house. I will never understand why someone does that. If you are dumb enough to approach a growling dog who is warning you, you deserve a bite for not acknowledging the warning. Who knows, he may have encountered someone like her in his life before Karen. Sounds like Stanley is learning all sorts of things!

    • He is a smart little dog. He growls at strangers, but I’m okay with that. Once he’s introduced to them I expect him to be polite and that’s exactly what he has done. This woman was just the pits.

  7. No wonder she delivers parcels. She couldn’t have been a very good trainer, especially if she says the dog needs a whipping. Some people have no brains. you are right. Stupid woman.

    • I can’t even give her the benefit of the doubt and say she had a bad day. All of her comments were ridiculous.

  8. “At times, I believe you and I are the only 2 sane people in the world. And I am beginning to wonder about you.”

    The woman was not too bright. In another life, Mr Wonderful and I showed dogs and trained people who wanted to show dogs. I would not try to pet a growling dog…. BUT MOST OF ALL.

    What kind of person says that a small dog that belongs to someone else needs a whipping? What kind of person immediately says someone else’s dog needs a whipping? What kind of person immediately thinks that to get the right response from a dog believes hitting is the way?

    • When I was originally researching training facilities for Flash I found that most trainers believe in positive reinforcement, but there are some who believe in negative reinforcement. I can’t imagine a scenario in which punishing a dog would be better than rewarding him.

      I think there are some people who are so insecure or lacking in fundamental psychological qualities that they feel power when they abuse others and this includes animals. Abuse of any kind makes me raving mad and physically sick.

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