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I’m a little annoyed at Lord Stanley at the moment. Today was the first day I let him off leash. Um, big mistake. He wasn’t ready for the heady freedom of it all and had to leave a calling card in the dining room. Ugh. That’s okay, Flash had an accident there, which is why I didn’t want Stanley in that room. Birds of a feather and all that.

I will shortly drag out the carpet shampooer, the Zero Odor stuff, and go to town.

Dogs do what they gotta do.

However, he’s done exceptionally well in the past two weeks. This was his first slip up.

He has the most enchanting personality. He chews odd things. In my office he always wants to sleep on me. We’ve managed some kind of detente during the work day whereby he perches on the right hand arm of the recliner (after walking ON me to get to it) and allows me to have two arms free. I, in turn, rock him gently. (Rolling eyes.) He has a boatload of toys and he deigns to play with them occasionally to give me some free, non-doggy, time.

He’s doing great on FOCUS. We tried it outside today with barking dogs, swooping birds, and the wind tossing the branches to and fro. He surprised me by how well he did. He’s also doing exceptionally well on STAY and LEAVE IT. I cannot, for the life of me, get him to do DOWN and I can’t help but wonder if it has something to do with his being a street dog. DOWN would be a vulnerable position.

Sunday, John actually saw him urinate and he didn’t lift his leg. That’s another street dog mannerism. Do it as fast as you can and don’t give a rat’s derriere about marking territory. Maybe he’ll change in time. I have no idea.

He also watches TV. I thought I was nuts the first time I saw him watching something, but last night I deliberately started looking at some YouTube videos featuring dogs. Stanley jumped up on my chair and started watching with me. He was enthralled. You know how some commercials show a dog turning their head one way and then the other like they’re trying to figure things out? Stanley is the first dog I’ve ever had that does that. Or he’ll lower one ear.

The only dogs he barked at were golden retrievers. Odd, hmm?

Carpet shampoo/deodorizer time.

(Oh, and he’s a messy drinker. He drips water everywhere because he gets all the hair around his face wet. Then it gets hard with food, just like a guy with poor hygiene and a really gnarly beard.)

I just took this picture. He walked over me to get to the right arm of the recliner, then put his head on the keyboard drawer. It looked uncomfortable, so I put something under his chin.

Pay no attention to the state of my desk – or my finger.