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I am as happy as a pig in mud, or a clam, or a kid with a birthday cake. (Ummm,cake.)

I just finished the first draft of the new book. It’s a 95,000 word romp in Scotland featuring a castle, an heiress, and an inventor who loves to fly airships. I started the first draft on February 12th and my goal was to finish by April 15th. Yay me!

I normally do three drafts and the second is the hardest, but this book isn’t going to take that much revising because I tweaked the plot all the way through. What happens is that I plot religiously, then it changes as I write. It’s like the characters come to life and say, “Hey, don’t you know that I do this? And this?” On this book I changed it as I went.

In addition, as I was working yesterday I did the laundry. Everything’s been dusted, the Roombas are doing the vacuuming, so I’m free, y’all! Free! I’m going outside and enjoy the 20 mph wind and the beautiful weather.

In order to let you celebrate with me, I’m going to be putting together two goody bags – my surprise. (Nope, not going to tell you.) If you’d like a chance to win one, just send your name to my email – karen@karenranney.net (please note the .net) with GOODY as the subject line. I won’t be drawing the two winners until Monday around Noon. (This is a separate drawing from the ARC for To Love a Duchess coming up next week.)

And, I’m so sorry, but I’m going to limit this one to the US, too. I promise, there are international drawings coming up!