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I hope your week has been peachy. Mine has been out of the Twilight Zone. One of the new prescriptions I’m taking has insomnia as a side effect. The second prescription zonks me out whenever I take it. Picture this, wide awake writer in the middle of the night vs writer falling asleep over the keyboard during the daytime. To say that my cognitive powers have been somewhat lacking is a huge honkin’ understatement. I’m a space cadet vampire writer. However, I’m learning to sleep when I can, where I can. I’m getting really good at the sitting straight up thing and being fast asleep.

I’m up to 8 foods I can eat without a gout attack. I’m no longer using the word “flare”. It’s an attack, pure and simple. I’ve now gone 11 days without lots o’pain. Yay me! I was lusting after chocolate the other day on a website devoted to decadent chocolate. Didn’t bother me one bit that I couldn’t eat it. I ate it once. I don’t need to eat it again – a philosophy I NEVER had before this whole gout thing. (A blessing in disguise, right?)

But enough about me. The other day I realized I was using these two websites a lot and thought they might be helpful to you.

Have you ever wondered if a TV show or movie is streaming anywhere? https://www.justwatch.com/us – is a streaming search engine for movies and TV shows.

It will tell you which service has the most episodes, if it’s free or only available to purchase, and is an all around great source to find something. For example, the other day I was looking for the next season of The Doctor Blake Mysteries:


Mediguard.org – Set up a free account and list all your medications to see if there are any interactions. This website was immensely helpful to me when I started having odd symptoms. Unbeknownst to my doctor and pharmacist, two medications were clashing with weird results. I was very surprised at the supplements that interact with drugs, too.

Plus, they’ll send you recalls or warnings about your prescriptions if anything is released from the manufacturers or the FDA.

And a bonus: Philo TV. Philo is a streaming service that’s a lot like Sling TV, but cheaper. The reason? It doesn’t offer sports. There are a lot of channels to watch, however, along with the ability to fast forward through commercials and record (for free). Cost is either $16.00 or $20.00 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

Hope you can use one of these – and I hope you had a lovely week. Happy weekend!