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I will be the first person to tell you that I know more about dogs than cats. Although I’ve had cats in my life I’ve had more dogs. So, I will also agree that I probably don’t know diddly squat about this subject, but that doesn’t stop me from being annoyed.

I do not understand the indoor-outdoor cat thing. If you take in a cat shouldn’t it be an indoor cat? What’s the deal about letting a cat outside? Someone is going to have to explain the rationale behind that behavior.

Here’s why I’m annoyed. There are now FOUR cats who saunter in front of my cameras every day. I worry about all four of them. This afternoon I saw a cat curled up in a tiny ball on the cushions of one of my outdoor chairs. It was only 39 degrees today. I felt so damn sorry for that cat that I went to get a blanket, then grabbed a disposable bowl and filled it with sardines.

I walked outside and the cat immediately jumped up and ran away. I called after him, “Hey, kitty, do you want some sardines?”

To my surprise, the cat stopped, turned around and walked toward me. He was the cutest little thing – a kind of a calico, with patches of different colored fur, black, orange, and tan. He started meowing at me and I put the bowl of sardines down.

“Come on and eat and then we’ll talk about keeping you warm, okay?”

I put the blanket next to the sardines, hoping he would cuddle up in it.

He ate half the sardines, then walked to the other side of the yard, behind one of the Chinese statues where he cleaned himself. I watched for the longest time, but he didn’t come back to the blanket.

So, here’s my dilemma: maybe the owners of these cats (if they have owners) don’t give a rat’s rear end about them in the cold, but I care. For the love of all that’s holy – and to help the rest of us out – keep your cats at home, please. Spare a thought to those who worry about your wandering cat.

I don’t know if this cat has a home. I just know that it was too cold for him. And if he does have a home, he’s going to smell like sardines tonight.