Are They Nuts?

The Fall 2018 menswear designers have new ideas for men.

They think that guys should be wearing skirts.

I’m here to tell you something right now. No. Just no. No in a thousand ways, shouted loudly. Screamed to the sky. No.

I like men. I like manly men. If they fix things and kill bugs and take out the garbage and do manly things, all the better. If they occasionally make me roll my eyes, I’m okay with that. If they seem fascinated with their own bodily functions I can deal with that, too.

I believe in the old adage – never the twain shall meet. I don’t want to be manly and I don’t want men to be girly.

When I lived in Chicago I dated a wonderful guy by the name of Mike. He was truly a great person. He was raised by a single mother who taught him lots of interesting housewife things, like removing soap from its wrapper and letting it get hard so that it lasts longer. That sort of thing. I have to confess that his Hints from Heloise occasionally drove me nuts.

Then there was Jack. I absolutely adored Jack. He was a pilot who flew the big honkin’ C-130 in the Air Force. Jack also brought me books of poetry and songs that reminded him of me. Honey chile, I have NEVER known anyone who was so romantic. I couldn’t even come close.

Would those guys ever wear a skirt? For a joke, yeah. That’s the only situation. They were manly men for all their homemaking abilities and romantic gestures.

How about you? What do you think of men wearing skirts? Or designers wanting them to?  

10 thoughts on “Are They Nuts?”

  1. It is window dressing. It is not real . If you a real man or woman , it is in the heart . It should not matter what you are wearing on the outside , it is character on the inside

  2. I remember this being a thing about 25-30 years ago. They interviewed a regionally famous hair guru guy, and he was in an on-trend skirt back then.

  3. those menswear designers don’t think men should wear skirts – they just try to present something that will get them noticed & talked about.

    some skirts can be more comfortable – as long as they are not short & tight (or too long so that they get in the way of easy movement) – put I’d rather wear comfy pants (or shorts if it’s very hot out).

  4. It seems like all I can do is shake my head. You ever notice that these famous designers want to dress our men as women and the women as men. Makes me want to throw up.

  5. As long as it’s a Kilt I’m okay with that. Such as the 🧘‍♂️ men in Kilts? Now THAT is sexy. Me too… I like a man to be a man.

    • I was thinking earlier – would I be comfy with a man wearing a kilt all the time? No trews ever, just a kilt. I don’t know. It’s a thought to ponder.

  6. Kilts are close as a skirt for a man. Men in kilts are beautiful. I have no question that no man in a kilt is gonna look girly. And men from the South Pacific islands who wear a sarong type garment. Those guys are definitely manly.

    On the other hand, the flowing skirts – nah – I prefer a nice pair of Dockers, or Levis, or maybe a good looking pair of suit pants, or a pair of tux pants even with the cumberbund.

    Now, I could be wrong, but I think a gentleman no matter who he might be, looks better in a nice pair of well fitted pants. Or out of them.

    • Honestly? I’ve never thought of a kilt as a skirt. It’s in its own category for me. Isn’t that odd? Or a sarong, for that matter. I don’t see that as a skirt, either. But those skirts in the designer runway picture? Nope, not for me.

      Love the last sentence, Annette. 🙂

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