My Furry Valentine


Book 3 of The Furry Chronicles has been published. You can purchase it from Amazon (above) or on the following links. (For the low, low price of $2.99.)

The paperback proof has not yet been approved, so it will probably be two weeks before that is live.

When I finished writing the book I realized that I didn’t want to leave Torrance’s world. I wanted to find out what happened. I had originally planned for The Furry Chronicles to only be a trilogy, but now I’m thinking about expanding it.

And, for those of you wondering, Marcie does feature in this book, too. In fact The Furry Chronicles might be considered an offshoot of The Montgomery Chronicles.

Here’s the blurb:

When you’re a Furry nothing’s normal, but when the furniture starts communicating, you have definite problems. Torrance Boyd has just learned a dangerous family secret, is trying to deal with vampires, the disappearance of the man she loves, and her own part vampire, part witch nature.

Not to mention that she’s just been fired.

Someone is out to get her, but who? The co-worker with an attitude? The jealous sister-in-law? The vampire with rabies? Her own brother? An ex-boyfriend who should be far, far away, but isn’t? Or a mysterious and dangerous object that could cost thousands of lives, not to mention her own?

Will Torrance admit that things aren’t going well? Will she decide to become a certifiable Furry Badass and take back her life? Read Torrance’s story to discover just what can go wrong.

I had oodles of fun writing this book. I hope you have as much fun reading it.

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