Requiem for an Orange Cat – Almost

The other day, a few hours after I posted the story of the little orange cat who visited me, someone on Nextdoor breathlessly left a message under her “Rainbow Bridge Alert”. (I don’t know about you, but I wonder about people who are so happy about leaving bad news.) She’s done three of these Rainbow Bridge Alert posts and they’re all about poor animals squashed by cars. She said that an orange tabby was now dead on a street not far away.

I told myself that the little orange cat that often visited me probably hadn’t made it that far. I waited, hoping he would come by, set off one of my cameras, and reassure me.

The other day I made myself look at a map and realized that he probably had made it that far. Cats roam quite a distance from their home base.

I was never within forty feet of the little cat, but his absence, and possibly his death, saddened me greatly.  I hope, even now, that he had a home and that there are people like me waiting for his return. Maybe he’ll surprise everyone and show up. I hope so.

I haven’t seen the little black cat, either, but it’s been bitterly cold (for us) lately. However, this morning I had a visit from another cat, this one gray. Maybe the word has gone out. Run by the Ranney house if you get a chance. Raise a paw.

I hope he, too, has a home.


Today my camera alert went off and there was the little orange cat sauntering in front of the door.

Maybe one of these days I’ll stop worrying about animals I don’t even know. But I have a feeling that as long as they visit me I’ll be curious about them.

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  1. You’re such a sweetheart Karen. I’m the same way….worrying about animals that I don’t even know. Every morning when I go into work I take a short cut across the ramp and in doing so have to pass the cart that have the pets that are being staged to fly on the next flight. If there are any kennels out there I always stop and have a chat and rub their nose through the cage with my finger.

    You don’t have facebook anymore but there is one shared item that says “I have three or four friends that I really care about and about 400 dogs that I don’t even know.” That would be me. I’m so glad the little orange kitty is okay. I love that I have a good heart for animals even though sometimes it feels like it’s going to break because of it. I’m linked into every pet adoption page for Jack’s on FB and if I could I would take them all.

    • I also saw the little black cat this morning, so yay!!! I’m so glad he made it through the cold.

      Have you ever heard of Tracy’s Dogs? I LOVE that organization. They rescue dogs that are wounded or sick, tend to them and make them well, then transport them to northern states for adoption. Evidently, they don’t have an excess of dogs like we do here and people line up to adopt. The video I watched said that they can post a picture of dog in San Antonio and they’ll only get one adoption application. But when they put up a picture in one of the northern states they’ll get 20 adoption applications. They have this big truck to transport the dogs in their kennels. The video of them meeting their forever families just brings tears to your eyes. It’s amazing.

      Also, lots of the other rescue organizations will ship dogs anywhere if they think you’ll be a good dog parent.

    • Should I leave any food for them? I worry that they might begin to depend on me and I don’t want that. What’s your advice? The reason I’m asking is I have 12 cans of sardines I can no longer eat. 🙂

      • I’m not positive how long it takes for them to depend on you but eventually they would. But on the other hand if you don’t continue they will move on. You may start depending on them though lol. Not a terribly bad thing. Personally, I would have to put the food out .

        • Yesterday I was inundated with cats: the black, the gray, and the orange. They all visited me at various times – and more than once. I wonder if they deduced I was thinking about giving them sardines?

  2. I feel badly when I see a bird that has been attacked and assaulted by an animal. I feel badly when I see news stories about animals who have been abandoned or injured.

    It is part of my nature. There are worse things to be. I believe being concerned for your neighboring creatures is a nice thing. I also am soft hearted about other creatures – human beings come to mind.

    And I believe that the neighbor who is announcing animals who have died in auto accidents may be letting the owner know. On Nextdoor here, those announcements are made in order to notify the owners. Personally, I think that cats should be indoor pets in order to keep them safe, but that is just me.

    • You’re kinder than me, Annette. I just didn’t like the way she announced those deaths. I guess I was reading something more into it than was there.

      I haven’t had many cats, so I can’t speak with any authority, but I wish people wouldn’t let them roam.

  3. Glad to see he is well. It’s terrible that people let their animals roam. Its so dangerous. We have a black grey one that comes around here almost every night. He has a collar on so we know he belongs to someone. I’ve had two that went over the Rainbow Bridge in the last 10 years and I cried for days and still do once in a while. Robin was the only one we had to put to sleep and I was a basket case for days afterward.

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