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I’m being visited by cats lately. Here’s a clip of the latest one:


Only one of the outdoor cameras catch the cats. The other ones aren’t pointed down far enough to catch them walking around the house.

This one likes to investigate when I get a delivery from Amazon.

And my favorite little black cat, of course, who makes a daily jaunt to my house. That’s why I think he lives right next door. At least I’m hoping he does. (He occasionally wanders into their garage. I don’t know if he’s just visiting them or if he lives there.)

I’m calling them both “he” since that’s the pronoun I most often gravitate to, after years of Flash the Wonder Pooch, but I suspect that they’re both a “she”, especially since both of them are getting a little chunky in the abdomen. I hope I’m wrong and they’re not “with kittens.”

Yesterday when it got so cold and yucky I tried to lure the little gold colored cat inside the house, but s/he wasn’t interested. I hate the idea of them being exposed to the elements and hope, hope, hope that they have homes somewhere.

It’s gotten to be a routine. My camera goes off and sends me an alert of one cat or another. Oh, and I occasionally get a squirrel, too.