You Can Put This Under: Shallow

I’m about to confess to something really despicable. I stand ready to be castigated.

I never criticize someone for their appearance. Or at least I try not to. I live in a glass house and I can’t afford to throw stones. I don’t ridicule anyone for how they look or their ethnicity or how they speak. It’s not important.

But I have a thing about ears.

I never knew that I had a thing about ears until recently.

I started watching the Australian program A Place to Call Home again. The hero has elf ears. I can’t get over his ears. I can’t see him as a romantic hero because of his ears. I have to buy into the idea of the hero as a romantic fantasy in order to enjoy the romance of the show and I just can’t.

Here’s a picture from a recent email:

That’s the hero in the background. Whenever he’s on stage I fixate on his ears. That’s never happened to me before and I’m a little annoyed by it. I can’t even concentrate on what he’s saying. It’s all ears, all the time.

Here’s another picture: (He’s not a bad looking guy, but the ears!)

I don’t have a problem with any other body part. I don’t think. I’ve never noticed noses, for example. Or chins. But ears? They seem to be a newish manifestation of my shallowness.

Oh, and here’s another picture of the actor, Brett Climo. I think he used gum in this picture. I wish he’d used gum in the series.

How about you? Is there something that always throws you off a romantic hero? 

12 thoughts on “You Can Put This Under: Shallow”

  1. Well don’t you think there could ever be a romantic elf as a hero? (remember Santa is watching , don’t bad mouth his crew)

  2. He should have been in Star Trek or LOTR lol. Teeth -really bad ones and sometimes the perfect ones that just look so fake lol.

  3. No one is going to castigate you. Everyone is attracted by something or finds a characteristic distracting. What appeals to one will not appeal to another.

    I love guys with dark hair, or ever a silver fox, but, for some reason, I don’t go for the blond guys. One exception is John Schneider. But I think he’s the only one.

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