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Peet’s Coffee K-Cups – specifically their House Decaf blend which is so good that it tastes like “regular” coffee but it’s decaffeinated. (I recently discovered that caffeine does a number on my blood pressure and it’s a no go for me for caffeine from now on.)

Flash. After he’s gotten his second bag of kibble he’ll come and stand in front of the chair on which I’m working. I ask, “Is it time for a cuddle?” He doesn’t move, which is my cue. I get into position (and so does he, kind of backing up to me), grab the percussion massager and proceed to give Flash a full body massage. Then the massager gets put up and I have to do the hands on massage and full back scratch (and ear rub, nose rub, and under the chin chuck) followed by the crooning and praising part of our morning ritual (“Aren’t you a good boy? Who’s a good boy?”) When that’s over I kiss him on the forehead and off he goes to sleep by the front door.

Tornado alerts – I have my phone set to buzz me when there are warnings of an emergency nature. In the middle of the night a bloody siren goes off on my phone. I woke up, reached for the phone to read about a tornado warning. (I always get confused on which is more serious. A warning is issued by the National Weather service and is more serious. A watch is issued by NOAA and means something could happen.) Now I wasn’t all that happy to have to turn on the news at that hour of the morning, but what if there had been a tornado near me? I would have been mucho grateful.