What’s Your Must Have Food in the House?

I watched the funniest video clip the other day. I didn’t make a note of it or I would feature it here. The guy was saying that they made a point of keeping whole milk in the house for their one year old. He added that he’d already told his wife that she was to consider chips and salsa – for him – to be the equivalent of milk. At no point were they EVER to be out of chips and salsa.

I thought about what would be a necessity for me. The answer was quick and almost automatic: coffee.

Everything else I could buy later, but I absolutely, positively must have coffee.

How about you? What’s your must have food in the house?


12 thoughts on “What’s Your Must Have Food in the House?”

  1. I’m with you on coffee, Karen! I can’t drink tea first thing in the morning so it has to be coffee. Everything else is negotiable.

  2. My first thought was milk. I could live on milk. (My grandmother always said that the home should always have milk, eggs, butter, and flour. With those 4 items you could always make something to eat and I never fail to have them.)

  3. I Totally agree with you! If I don’t have my Maxwell House Original Roast ground coffee already brewed when I get up at 3:45am (thank goodness for automatic brewing on my Mr. Coffee, I am like a mad woman. Just wish they would have more coupons for it. Have a great New Year!

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