Victoria – Masterpiece Theater


Have you seen the previews of Victoria, scheduled to be aired on Masterpiece Theater on PBS?

I think the only word for it is “lush”. It truly does look like a wonderful production, with all the sets, designs, and wardrobe you could want.

Queen Victoria’s behavior dictated the mores of the society around her and, because of that, she’s always been a fascinating figure to me. Her mourning for Prince Albert, for example, was the model for other – proper – women to assume. Yet Victorian Scotland and England were just humming with salacious activities.

We have The Crown, The Royals, and now Victoria. I think the interest in the British royal family is due to Queen Elizabeth, don’t you? As the longest serving monarch, she has probably imbued England with a great deal of national pride – properly so – and inspired curiosity in the rest of us.

Interesting tidbit: According to this article, a pair of Queen Victoria’s knickers were auctioned off in 2008. However, I don’t think it’s quite fair that the woman’s bloomers were examined and measured to determine how obese she was. Or maybe that’s part of history.

Will you be watching Victoria?



7 thoughts on “Victoria – Masterpiece Theater”

  1. I will . The actress you see above is from my favorite show. Doctor Who. She played companion Clara. I loved her 😍

  2. Yes, I plan to watch Victoria. We have to have something to satisfy our curiosity of the “Royal Family” on PBS now that Downton Abbey is no longer!

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