Can We Talk About OCD?



I’ve never been diagnosed with OCD, but there are a lot of things I do that might point to OCD behavior. Three of them, for example:

  • I can’t leave my bedroom without my bed being made.
  • I absolutely, positively, must make my quota every day or I can’t sleep. It niggles at me. I can be prostrate on the bathroom floor with food poisoning but I have to get up to finish the quota.
  • I have to count the bags of kibble I fill for Flash every morning – twice.

Most of the time I’m pretty laid back, but every once in awhile a behavior rears its darling little head and I must perform it. It makes me roll my eyes, but I just accept it as one of those personal idiosyncracies.

How about you? Any OCD tendencies?

5 thoughts on “Can We Talk About OCD?”

  1. Yes, repeatedly checking to make sure things are turned off, straightening pictures, telling my kids to be safe before they leave. Have to say it or I get anxious until they are home. There are others but those are the big ones. Lol

  2. Oh, yes, the hoarding part of me mostly. I get it from my dad. He would check the locks on the doors a dozen times, at the end he was constantly counting his pills, he would wipe the table a lot too. Nothing too horrible but definitely OCD.

  3. oh, yes… no official diagnosis, but I do have some OCD habits. probably born out of the chaos I was raised in.

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