You Know How Some News Reports Make You Go: “Huh?”

flying saucer washing machine
Image brazenly stolen from the featured article

Well, this is one of those:

Samsung recalling exploding washers

So here’s the deal – Samsung is recalling some 2.8 million washing machines because 730 have exploded.

Me: is exploded the right word? Don’t you have to have some kind of charge, like gunpowder, for something to explode?

According to the article, the washer lids have flown off and become airborne.

Me: like a flying saucer? Good grief, could you just imagine folding clothes out of the dryer and all of a sudden the washing machine lid comes at you? It’s definitely happening at the spin cycle. Maybe it just accelerated too much. My washer sounds – and looks – like a jet engine when it spins. (PS – it’s not a Samsung.)

Samsung “apologizes for any inconvenience…”

Me: inconvenience, honey chile? Holy Batman! If a washer attacked me I’d avoid laundry for the rest of my days. Of course, I’d like to do that anyway.

According to the above referenced article:

“The company will offer a free, in-home repair to reinforce the affected washer’s top, a rebate to be applied towards the purchase of a new washing machine –of any brand -– or a full refund for those who bought the machine within the past 30 days.” 

Me: I can definitely tell you that I wouldn’t opt for the reinforced top.

How about you? Has your washing machine ever attacked you?

19 thoughts on “You Know How Some News Reports Make You Go: “Huh?””

  1. washing machine has never attacked me. laundry piles can be daunting at times. I smell a class action suit coming.

  2. I’ve no idea what’s going on with Samsung–they just had that really bad problem with their Samsung phone catching on fire. Those aren’t allowed on the aircraft. Sure hope they get it together.

  3. I have never had any problems with my washer.
    The old ones or the newer ones, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!
    One rule I always follow is that I never put heavy items in it, never.
    Because I once did and I shall never do that again.

    I once had this king size comforter and it was time to wash it.
    First, I couldn’t even fit the whole thing in the washer.
    That washer was suppose to be a super size washer, it wasn’t.
    I pushed and pushed till the whole comforter went in, a hard process, but I did it.
    That should of been a warning, don’t do it, but I didn’t listen to myself.
    All buttons on control panel were set, soap added and green light go.
    Water started going in and all of a sudden it started to dance around, make choking sounds and lights started dancing all over the panel.
    Needless to say I was spooked, should I run, scream or stand there and watch.
    I stood there and watched, I think I was parallelized, I was fascinated by all the commotion the washer was making.
    I’m not sure what it was doing or why it was making all that ruckus, but common sense finally kicked in and I rushed to unplug it.
    Talk about a mess to clean up, geez!!

    • My son occasionally brings over his super large stuff for me to wash. I no longer have the Grand Canyon washer. I got a front loader this time so I didn’t get my frontal appendages mushed every time I had to pull the laundry out of that thing. It says it’s the same size as the top loader, but it isn’t. Odd, hmm? I’ll take your experience to heart and not try to jam anything in.

  4. My washer got a bit crazy once. I had gotten a new mattress & in order to get the full warranty I have to use their mattress cover. I like to wash new bedding, so I put the mattress cover in the washer. Apparently the water does not flow thru the material (duh, it’s supposed to protect the mattress) – so water pooled in the fitted corners during the spin cycle & the washer danced itself right off the raised cement pad that it sits on & pulled bent the water hoses. My lovely neighbor (who has since moved (sigh)) got it back in place & I had to get the plumber to change the hoses.

  5. I have been reading your blog a long time. I should have guessed as soon as I heard the story that I would find it on your blog. We have exploding phones and now exploding washers. What do you think will explode next besides our political system? Your blog is a breath of fresh air since all we hear about is the election. I look forward to receiving your e-mails and usually open them first. I could not even avoid it today when I took a walk in my subdivision. In less than half a mile I saw signs for trump,Clinton and Johnson. The only good part is that the signs represented all 3 parties.

  6. I’ve seen it in the news. Everyone should have an option of a new machine – forget that 30 day nonsense!!!!! And I wonder how much the rebate is! questions, questions.

    • I’ve had my machine about 2 years. Paid close to $1,000 and they offered me $145 toward a new Samsung washer. Are you kidding me. If you choose the repair you still are told not to use the high speed spin. What? Even after the repair it’s still not right. I’ve opted to get the repair and use all my original settings. If and when it explodes, I’ll pursue the class action law suit. No more Samsung appliances for me.

          • Exactly! I also have a Samsung Refrigerator which is about 3 years old and the Ice dispenser has already broken and the cost to repair it is ridiculous so now we empty the ice maker into a bin in the freezer and scoop out the ice.

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