A Quick Explanation


Y’all, I’m very slow in responding to comments and I apologize. I’m in wrist braces and it makes it slower to type, so I’m practicing using Dragon to answer comments.

It’s no big deal, seriously. This happens every year or so. I’m currently writing two books and editing one. I can dictate the first two, but the third requires keyboard use. Evidently, I pound down on the keyboard more than I need to (other people have told me that). I suppose it comes from learning to type on an ancient Selectric. (Ahem. I still maintain I’m a dewy blossom in the Garden of Life.) Whenever I feel the twinges in my wrists I stop everything, put on the braces and voila! In a few days the inflammation is gone and all is well. I really think that’s how I’ve escaped carpal tunnel problems all these years.

I have a 5000 word goal per day for the first draft (I’m currently splitting that between two books). If I was typing all that like I used to I would probably be in big trouble. Thank you, Dragon dictation.

So, off we go, a little slower than normal.


Oh, on a completely different topic, I’ve been dancing to Monster Mash for the last hour. I must have played it 10 times. Flash is not impressed.

6 thoughts on “A Quick Explanation”

  1. I love Monster Mash. I even bought the cartoon for the grandkids. By the way, I am going on week 3 of recovering from carpal tunnel surgery. So fun.

    • Oh, I hope you’re feeling better, Sheryl. After 3 days of my braces, I’m okay again. However, I’m very cautious about my hands and my wrists. I may just wear the braces when I’m actively editing. It can’t hurt.

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