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The oddest thing started happening last month on the blog. I was getting tons and tons of spam comments. I mean hundreds and thousands each day. It was weird, especially since they were all attached to one post: My Mother’s Art, where I had inserted one of my mother’s award winning photographs. I ended up deleting that post and the spam stopped. Odd.


I feel like I’m so far behind the times. I never watched the series NCIS until a few weeks ago. Then I binge watched twelve seasons. Same thing with Elementary. I think the common denominator for me in both seasons – and Longmire – isn’t the police procedural or the mystery as much as the characters. Give me interesting characters and I’m hooked. Interesting doesn’t mean quirky for the sake of being quirky, though. Or anti-social, bitter women (shudder).

Do you like those three series?


I get Google Alerts when any of my books are on pirate sites. I fight piracy every day, but this morning I got an eyeful. I clicked on the link and was immediately assaulted with a gif of a girl being slapped with one, um, male appendage while having another male appendage being inserted in an orifice not normally used for said insertion. Hey, this is as clean as I can make it. Needless to say, I backed out of there as fast as I could, making note of the website so I won’t do that to my eyeballs again. It was like porn on auto delivery. Jeesh. All I did was click on the Google link.

Have you had that “porn in your face” experience? It’s certainly a way to wake up.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets”

  1. I do like all three NCIS programs and I signed up for Netflix solely for the purpose of watching Longmire. I watched one or two of the Elementary shows, but that just didn’t do it for me. Every once in a while I get one of “those” pop ups and I learned not to go near them. Guess how I learned that little lesson??

    • Elementary bothers me because of the expression of the main actor who plays Sherlock. He always looks like he’s smelled something bad. It’s an affectation of how he’s interpreted the role and it bugs me.

      I love Longmire the series a lot more than the books. I just love Mark Harmon in NCIS. I like strong silent types. 🙂

  2. Longmire is one of my favorites—I also watch the other two. The characters in long running series keep me interested and I have a hard time following if they kill off one of the main characters.
    I actually subscribed to Netflix just to get Longmire and now I’ve discovered all sorts of British mysteries that I really enjoy.

  3. I have watched the original NCIS for a while but not lately. I have not watched any of the spin-offs. Have not seen the other two. I, too, love the characters, but when they leave the show it’s not the same. I was a faithful viewer of Grey’s Anatomy but again most of the main characters have left the show and I can’t get into the show any more. As for the latter, only once clicked on a link and got porn. I really watch what links I click on and if I don’t know them, I don’t click. Same with emails. Never click on something you don’t know.

    • Unfortunately, if it’s a Google link I almost have to, darn it.
      I hadn’t watched Grey’s Anatomy for years, but watched an episode the other day. Unfortunately, it was one where they killed off a main character. Bummer!!!

  4. I like to watch NCIS New Orleans. I love their accent. I really like the way the characters work and play together.

  5. I’ve watched NCIS from the beginning and always enjoyed it. I definitely have to like the characters and I also like a bit of humor or banter. I usually can’t get into the shows that take themselves way too serious all the time.

    Luckily, I’ve not come across the latter lol.

    • I like the character arcs that span a season or two. I’m fascinated with people and always want to know why they do things. NCIS is good at character arcs, I think.

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