Friday Snippets

indexI gave Flash his afternoon bone. The office curtains were open which permitted a view of some lowlife checking his mail. (Only kidding on the lowlife. Anyone checking his mail is suspicious to Flash.) He went racing to the window with the bone in his mouth, growling around it and trying to bark. He stopped for a moment and you could see the mental process. Should I surrender the bone to bark? Should I just give up and walk away?

He gave up and walked away. They’ll check their mail tomorrow.




I’ve been having a bit of insomnia lately. Things like sleeping 20 minutes one night, two hours the next. Last night I woke after being asleep for fifteen minutes, absolutely angry about the whole thing. I stayed up until about 1:00, finally fell asleep, and managed to stay asleep until 10:00 AM, the first good night’s sleep in three days.

I am now dragging.

I’ve allowed myself a cup of caffeinated coffee and I want another one.

After today I know why drug addicts do the upper and downer thing. I kind of feel the same way.



Flash and I just came back from the post office. I wonder why I hate going to the post office so much?  Granted, it’s 11 miles away, but it’s all expressway. Have you noticed, in your neck of the woods, how many mail boxes they’ve removed? I can’t find a single one near my neighborhood. We’re supposed to use the “Outgoing Mail” slots in our communal boxes. That’s great unless you have a package. I used to see those big blue things everywhere and now they’re like phone booths – a disappearing breed. At least around here. How about in your neighborhood?

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  1. I’m about a quarter mile from my town’s Post office, a mile from the next town’s and 4 miles from another. There are also lots of blue boxes around. I also still get the mail brought up to my house, but new residents have to have a box out at the road.

  2. Flash is no dummy, there’s always tomorrow for barking.

    I am a light sleeper because of hubby, I never know when he’ll need my help in the middle of the night.
    When my body finally gives out I can sleep forever! ??
    Lucky for me I can grab a quick 10 minute nap during the day now and again.

    I can honestly say our town is loaded with the blue boxes.
    What we don’t have enough of are post offices that you can walk into.
    I have to drive all the way to downtown’s main building to ship out items, geez!!
    Some of our grocers use to have a small section of mail items at customer service.
    You could pick out and mail boxes and such from there, but those are now gone.

    • I have a UPS account and sometimes it’s just easier to pay the extra and ship something UPS. I swear, they don’t make it easy, do they?

      Oh, Flash is now growling at the window because he’s annoyed at me. I’m still working and it’s time for treats!!!

  3. Haven’t seen a blue mailbox in years. All the ones I remember seeing have been removed. Don’t know if there are still some in the city, but we are lucky here. We just put it in our personal mailboxes and raise the flag. When they deliver our mail they take the outgoing mail. If we have packages they come to our front door.

  4. We are blessed in my neighborhood. The mailman still comes to my front door and delivers my mail.

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