Some Things I Can’t – or Won’t – Write

knucklesThe other day a reader asked if there were any physical traits I wouldn’t write about. For example, would I ever feature a very short man as a hero? How about a hero with a mullet?

I had to think about it.

I think I write about men who attract me and I go for the tall, dark, and handsome type. I’m really not into bad boys or uber-Alpha heroes. I thought about some other things I wouldn’t write (but I’ve learned never to say never):

A hero who has:

  • Earrings. No.
  • A soul patch. No.
  • Piercings – anywhere. God no.
  • Tattoo on his neck. Um, no.
  • Tattoos on the knuckles. (Run, baby run.)

Okay, since I’m being so critical, what do I, personally, like?

  • Men who are passionate about what they do for a living, whatever it is – accountant, body builder, mechanic, pilot – they love doing what they do.
  • Men who don’t need to be taken care of by a woman to be whole – they can do their own cooking, laundry, and shopping.
  • Men who like being men and don’t worry about being in touch with their “feminine side”.

How about you? What are things that turn you off about heroes? What entices you?

13 thoughts on “Some Things I Can’t – or Won’t – Write”

  1. I really hate tattoos of any kind anywhere, male or female, period. Earrings on men I have grown to accept; they have had them throughout history. Body piercings of any kind anywhere else, male or female, is gross! Men who look scruffy are a turn-off; I prefer clean-shaven men but neatly trimmed beards are OK, not bushy beards though. Chest hair is sexy. Hair color doesn’t matter nor does height of the hero. I don’t like a hero with a potty mouth either although some curse word are OK. I want the hero to respect the heroine too. Guess I have pretty specific requirements?

  2. I read a romance novel where the hero was covered head to toe with a tattoo he got while in a prison camp as part of his daily torture. ( Kinda beauty and the beast story). I am not big on tattoos, but it worked for me. 🙂

    • Now here’s where I get odd. I wrote a book about a hero who was tattooed as part of his confinement – To Love a Scottish Lord. Loved that guy. His tattoo covered his entire back. But neck tattoos? Um, no.

  3. I also like dark hair. No blonds or redheads. I also agree with Amy, I like a hero who respects a woman. I like longer hair but no tattoos.

  4. Well, I completely agree with your likes and I will add, I want a manly man. I think that is why I prefer the Scottish heroes, they are so rough around the edges, temperamental, stubborn, cocky, and blunt. I like that. I also like the American hero, he’s always those things too and looked at like a “savage” by the aristocrats in Europe. The English heroes can go two ways…manly but more often than not they come across as limp wristed. Mostly because of the dialogue. It’s hard to picture a manly man saying “cheerio old chap, let’s have a spot of tea.” Where the Scott will just punch someone in the mouth and ask questions later. Also….major dislike here , probably my top one……long, fine, thin boney fingers on the man. I hate that in real life too. Don’t want them touching me or the heroine. It’s just gross. You want to know about a man…look at his hands. 🙂 lol

  5. I totally agree with all your likes and dislikes. I also definitely like dark hair, not a fan of red or blond. Somehow I only see hero as tall, dark and handsome. Also, not hairy chested. Must respect women and care about animals.

  6. I am also not a fan of the things you mentioned, Karen: piercings, soul patches, lots of tatoos, etc. I also don’t like a hero who doesn’t like animals or has a cruel streak. I also agreed with the things you like about a hero and what Amy mentioned about a hero respecting and treating his woman right.

  7. Not a huge tattoo fan but if it’s appropriate and has meaning, I’m okay with one or two. Don’t like piercings, soul patch – ewww! – and earrings, well, I’ll read it but won’t write it. I want a hero who respects that a woman sometimes needs space just as a man does. I appreciate any hero who respects his woman.

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