Warrior Canine Connection

Aren't they cute?

You know how much I love dogs, right? I was in the Navy and married a Marine. My father was career Air Force, and my brother in the Navy, so it’s fair to say I’ve been involved in the military.

I stumbled onto the Warrior Canine Connection site the other day and was immediately transfixed. What a great organization!

Here’s the link: http://warriorcanineconnection.org/


10 thoughts on “Warrior Canine Connection”

  1. Great video and program! Thanks so much for sharing! I remember seeing Veterans with their service dogs at the VA when my husband was still alive.

    • Aren’t service dogs wonderful? I think any of the working dogs are amazing. Of course, that’s because I own (he owns me, I suspect) a working dog. I’m constantly being herded.

  2. Having worked at a VA hospital, I know how helpful these dogs are, especially at calming their masters. Great work.

    • I crack up sometimes when Flash is going nuts. He’s supposed to lower my blood pressure, right? Shaking my head. Isn’t happening.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I have seen alot of vets with service dogs when I go with my husbsnd to our local V.A. hospital. I think its a wonderful thing for our vets to have and to help them!

    • Because I have a service related injury, I have to go to the VA once every couple of years. I LOVE the Audie Murphy Hospital here in San Antonio. What a dedicated, devoted bunch of people.

  4. Wow, I knew they were putting dogs into service with vets but I hadn’t heard of this program. It’s brilliant. Thanks for sharing that with us, Karen. Dogs truly are everyone’s best friends. God planned it that way. 😀

    • Isn’t that a great program? I’ve seen the difference in my son. Granted, he doesn’t have PTSD, but schizophrenia isn’t anything to sneeze at. He is different around dogs – more open and expressive.

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