Everything’s Protein – Ewww

Flash-SUPERDOGYou know how I feel about Flash, aka Sir Barksalot, the Flashster, Mr. Mouth, and various other names. I’m especially fond of him lately because my next door neighbor came over yesterday and wanted to know if I’d heard anything in the afternoon. Someone had vandalized her house. They’d taken out both her front windows with either a brick or a rock. I hadn’t. But Flash had been very, very barky. How could I hear anything over Flash?

From now on, I’m paying more attention to what’s bothering him.

When I first moved into this house, eight years ago, I left the Beware of Dog signs up on the fence. Good thing, too. Maybe it was the signs that protected me, but I suspect it was Flash barking like mad.

So, I was pleased with my furry friend…until last night.

You know Flash has been on a diet, right? His only snack is a cup of lettuce a day. This has been going on for a week – only a week.

Last night I let him outside for his last potty break. I heard a curious buzzing sound and realized the June bugs were back. We have a tremendous June bug visitation every year. One year, there were so many bugs on the patio you couldn’t see the concrete. Most of the time Flash ignores them or watches them as they fly, then fall to the ground, landing on their backs.

Not this year.

This year he ate them! He went around snap, scarf, snap, grabbing them out of the air. When he encountered the ones that were wriggling on the ground, he ate those, too. I was sitting there, staring in horror, as he ate thirty or so (alive, I might add) before listening and coming back inside. The patio was clean, though.

I guess it’s protein, even though I wish he hadn’t eaten them alive. Eww.

Still, he’s my hero, so I’m going to ignore him eating all those bugs.

When I brush his teeth tonight, however, I’m using gloves.





10 thoughts on “Everything’s Protein – Ewww”

  1. Live bugs aren’t as bad as the dead things my dogs find to chew on—I’m always afraid they’ll get sick from eating some of that stuff. I’m afraid Benton ad Angie would welcome the burgler and maybe lick him to death.

    • Flash is limited in opportunity not inclination. I’m sure if there was a dead something in the yard he’d roll in it and then eat it.

  2. I must admit I miss having a dog and ours didn’t bark very often (mostly the mailman) but I’m pretty sure an intruder would have got her attention. An ewww on the live bugs but cats do that too lol.

    • He loves lettuce. When I say, “You want some lettuce, Flash?” he begins to prance. It’s funny watching him sit there and crunch through his bowl.

  3. Oh Flash! You funny boy! Those June Bugs are probably tap dancing in your belly! Thanks for the laugh, Karen!

    • Just pray he doesn’t begin to smell a la Amy’s comment. His bed is on the floor beside my bed. Eww again.

  4. It’s not the eating of extraneous protein sources that bothers me so much, after all, he’s a dog. It’s the stink later on! I dread the cicada infestations because dogs seem to love the critters. I do not, however, love the gas that’s produced after they digest them. A little extra protein never hurts but you might want to sleep with a window cracked for fresh air tonight. 😉

    • I never thought of that. I did, however, imagine the little things wriggling in his stomach. Eww again.

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