What I Won’t Wear

what I won't wearI have a whole list of clothes I will never wear again – or have never worn. However, I suspect my list is not exactly normal, so help me out here.

Tell me what you would NOT wear.

Here’s my list of what I won’t wear:

  • Jeans – I don’t like the feel of denim. I’ve never worn jeans. I know that’s odd.
  • Flip flops – I don’t like the sound they make, but my main objection is that I don’t like the thong thingee between my toes. It bugs me.
  • Shorts – this is almost self-explanatory, but I no longer have the legs for shorts. Besides, I have some scars on my legs I’d rather not show.
  • Halter tops or something that shows my midriff – I’m so old fashioned. I just don’t like to bare that much of my skin in public. Now, in private, ahem, that’s another matter entirely.

So, what’s on your list?

22 thoughts on “What I Won’t Wear”

  1. Great post! So I’m late, I was gone all day.
    I do wear jeans, all winter.
    I’m not a fan of flip flops but do wear them when I go to a pool or beach – hate that sound too!
    Live in shorts as soon as it is too warm for jeans. Hate wearing long pants in summer.
    Haven’t worn a halter top since college and certainly wouldn’t wear one now. Boobs too big, arms are not as tone as they used to be, and not liking the ughy back fat that seems to come along after fifty – what is with the arm flags and back fat as soon as you turn fifty – does it slide up from your butt? I swear my butt has gotten flatter. ; )
    I’m still a tee shirt and jeans kind of gal and will not wear a thong or a bikini, especially the latter since abdomenal surgery! Not even in private! LOL!

    • What is it with arms that want to turn into wings? Jeesh. My normal wardrobe consists of comfy pants and 3/4 length t-shirts – oh, and sneakers. I’m SO fashionable.

      • It all comes down to comfort in the end, doesn’t it?
        Frankly, if folks don’t like how I dress they can kiss my yet to sag butt. I look at what some folks wear and I don’t think – hey, you’re too old for that! I just think – hey, don’t you own a mirror?

        I’m a sneakers gal too. If my feet aren’t comfortable, I could be naked and still be uncomfortable. ; )

        • I have to return some new “barefoot” sneakers I bought on Amazon. Jeesh, I couldn’t get my little dainty toes in them, but nothing else. They’re billed as my size, but they’re two inches shorter than my foot. I felt like Cinderella’s step-sister – the big footed one.

  2. You guys are a hoot!! Thank you so much for the chuckles – I needed them today. I will wear jeans but do have difficulty finding a pair that fits correctly. The only time I wear flip flops is when I get a pedicure and I hate the ‘thong thingee’, too. I don’t wear shorts or halter tops for all the reasons y’all listed. I do like capris, though. I truly hate trying to buy clothes anymore. The comfort of sweats would be wonderful all year round – in a fabric appropriate for Texas heat of course!

    • In a fit of insanity, I bought some Champion workout gear (capris pants). They were slinky polyester and not the least bit flattering. They’re in the Salvation Army warehouse as we speak. I’m with you on weather appropriate sweats, though.

  3. Hi Karen!

    Since I have to “dress up” every day for work on the week-ends I tend to wear jeans but my problem is finding clothes at all that fit AND are “age appropriate”! It would be bad enough if it was just what I wear on my body since I finally lost the weight I had gained after having two operations but how about shoes? I wear a size 4 1/2 or 5 in shoes and at 65 I really don’t want shoes to wear to work that have 6 inch heels or are “platform” and appropriate if I was 15 instead of 65! Finding clothes that fit (don’t get excited about me “only” wearing a Size 4 – I got some clothes from the attic out that were from the 1960’s that were sizes 10 and 12 and they fit the same!

    Even though I’m short if I buy a dress that comes to my waist (instead of my hips) I have to buy a petite and believe me I don’t look good in a mini skirt! Ever tried to buy jeans or pants in a Size 4 petite? No, I don[t want “low” riders with a zipper that’s only 1 1/2 inches long! I wan a pair of pants that actually come up to my waist! Hey – I’m old – not a pre-teen!

    So if you’re walking down the street and see a Senior Citizen wearing a skirt that’s too short and heels that are too high it may just be me! HELP manufacturers! I may be short but that doesn’t been I’m a teenager!

    I think I’ll buy a sewing machine and start making my own clothes in my spare time – that is if I can ever retire!

    • I think I hate you. A 4? I haven’t been a 4 since I WAS 4.


      I have the top heavy problem. Ever since puberty I’ve had the Breasts of Doom. I think it was one of the Mike Myers movies, but the assassins were women whose breasts looked like machine guns. I laughed like a loon because that’s how I feel. Even my mother, the most genteel, sweet, Southern Belle creature on the face of the earth, often looked taken aback at the sheer size of my, as my grandmother would say, bezooms. Consequently, everything up top has to be three sizes bigger than on the bottom. Shirts that button in the front? I laugh at the thought.

      I’m also very short waisted, to the point one doctor called me “nearly deformed”. No kidding. My hips begin somewhere just below the bezooms, which means that I don’t wear dresses. I have to wear tops and skirts or tops and pants.

      Oh, and as I’ve been getting older, the bezooms are losing air. One of these days, I’ll have to roll them up, starting at my ankles and then just tuck them into my industrial strength bra.

      So, if you see a writer listing forward, or falling backward, pulling her bottom attire downward, that’s me.

  4. We are soooo much alike it’s scary. I really don’t like jeans; they’re uncomfortable and cold in the winter. However, since I’ve lost weight, I can finally fit into the jeans I own! I have never, ever worn flip-flops for that thing in between my toes! Ugh! Now, shorts, that’s different; I live in denim shorts and a tee shirt here in Florida or feel very uncomfortable. Halter tops are for young people which I no longer am but I wear tank tops again since I lost weight and because I have Michelle Obama arms!

    • Sisters with different mothers!

      You can join Ginny and I in our evolved Anti-Flip Flop Club.

      I am so jealous of your arms. Still working on mine. Love the Fred Hahn Slow Burn Fitness. That program is tough!

  5. omg according to my daughter I’m the only person ever that doesn’t like the “thong thingee”. Glad to hear I’m not alone!

    • Have you ever had acupuncture, Ginny? I did, when I was trying to quit smoking (I ultimately did, cold turkey). Anyway, when I had the needles in the ears, I almost passed out from bliss. It was the greatest feeling, like I imagine mainlining an illicit drug.

      Even as a kid, I couldn’t stand the feeling of anything between my toes. The skin between my toes is very sensitive, making me wonder what would happen if I had an acupuncture needle there.

      Let’s just consider that we’re more evolved – LOL.

  6. I use to love halter tops – when I was young lol. I had to have my gallbladder out at 33 and that was the end of anything like that. It was when they were still cutting you and I have a huge scar. I love my jeans but not really shorts anymore. My legs are fine but I no longer like my knees lol. I use to wear 4″ heels but I would kill myself in them now! I just try to stay age appropriate lol.

    • High heels! Man, I forgot those. I’m a sneaker gal now, but at one time I wore those really high heels. Ouch.

  7. Like you, I will not wear denims (feel they are uncomfortable and stiff). Nor will I wear flip flops. Don’t like halter tops ( as I am definitely a t-shirt kind of gal (sweatshirts in winter). I do wear shorts even if I don’t look great in them. Find them to be oh so comfortable in summer and wear stretch pants in winter. I am all about comfort. I do have those shorts and stretch pants in the house that I wouldn’t be caught in out in public though.

    • I’ve never liked jeans, isn’t that odd? Maybe I should reassess the shorts. On second thought, better not. I, too, have a whole set of clothes for “alone” days.

  8. I laughed when I read your list because I wear jeans, I love flip flops, during the summer I wear shorts every day. I don’t wear halter tops or anything which shows the midriff. I have seen women with a big gut wearing a top with the midriff hanging out. It looks ridiculous.

    • I bet you have great arms, too. Sigh. I’m still working on my arms. I don’t have the tone I want with them.

  9. I’m with you on the halter tops and jeans. Hate ‘em. I live in shorts (prefer bermudas because they hide a multitude of sins.) The only shoes I wear are those Bath and Body Works and knockoff flips that are made for people with high arches. They’re supposed to work the legs, thighs and butt but that’s a joke. I have several pairs and when they get dirty, I just throw them in the washer and dry in the sun for an hour and, voila, I have “new” shoes again.

    • I bet you’re a knockout in your bermudas, honey chile. I have the sneakers you’re supposed to be able to wash, but I haven’t yet. I’ll wait until they smell like Chinese Chicken Shoes.

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