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what I won't wearI have a whole list of clothes I will never wear again – or have never worn. However, I suspect my list is not exactly normal, so help me out here.

Tell me what you would NOT wear.

Here’s my list of what I won’t wear:

  • Jeans – I don’t like the feel of denim. I’ve never worn jeans. I know that’s odd.
  • Flip flops – I don’t like the sound they make, but my main objection is that I don’t like the thong thingee between my toes. It bugs me.
  • Shorts – this is almost self-explanatory, but I no longer have the legs for shorts. Besides, I have some scars on my legs I’d rather not show.
  • Halter tops or something that shows my midriff – I’m so old fashioned. I just don’t like to bare that much of my skin in public. Now, in private, ahem, that’s another matter entirely.

So, what’s on your list?