Beauty Where It Shouldn’t Be

crystal flower

I stumbled onto these lovely flowers one day, then read the article that accompanied them. They aren’t flowers at all, but carefully constructed crystals photographed under an electron microscope.

crystal1They reminded me of the crystal gardens we used to make as children, but with a great deal more patience – and much, much more skill.

Here’s the article on how it was done.

11 thoughts on “Beauty Where It Shouldn’t Be”

  1. Wow, those are amazing and that’s cool how they were done. I have to admit that when I first looked at them I thought they were made with cake decorating frosting and even after, they still reminded me of it. The wild violets actually look real! Thanks for sharing with us, Karen, You find the coolest stuff.
    Wait a minute, shouldn’t you be writing? LOL!!

    • I’m in a curious place, since I’ve had to write back to back books. I’ve just finished the edits of one book and waiting for the edits of the second book (next week). But I’m doing the plotting for the next big book and writing a fun novella.

      But I do feel a little lazy since I’ve not been writing 10 hours a day.

      • Just yanking your chain, Karen. You deserve a break and it’s okay to be lazy, you’ve been working really hard. It does feel weird to not have a story going full force, doesn’t it? Well, enjoy your web wandering – we love what you find. : )

        • I really do get weird when I’m not working full time. I even bugged my editor with the question – um, when are going to have the edits ready? Poor thing, she’s getting married on Sunday, trying to go on her honeymoon and RWA is coming up and now ME.

  2. Thank you for showing these pictures and giving the reference site. I am a Biologist and a science teacher and love to have new material to share with my students. This will really catch the attention of my artistic students as well as those who like to see pretty things.

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