Prison or Haven?

When I returned from the hospital after my spectacular klutz attack, I closed the bedroom door and let Flash loose in the bedroom with me. In other words, I didn’t put him behind the gate that leads to his mini-bedroom.


Flash wouldn’t stop whining. He was very disturbed. He came and sat on the floor beside me, walked around, sat beside me again, and woofed at me. Finally, I asked my son to put him behind his gate.


He was one happy camper. Evidently, he wanted his little nook, even though it was confined.

I wondered if people are the same.

When I worked for The Big Bank, I had a cubby. I think my cubby could be considered both a prison and a haven. I liked that I had some space marked out as mine but there was NO privacy. The walls weren’t very high so you could see and hear everything.

My office today is a haven but after being on a deadline for a few weeks it might be considered a prison.

How about you? Do you have a nook that’s one or the other – or both?

6 thoughts on “Prison or Haven?”

  1. Dear Karen,

    I know how you feel about being confined. I also remember what it was like working in a cube at The Big Bank where I could see (and hear) the other person next to me.

    I’m loud, by nature, and to add to that, my voice also carries…So, needless to say, I’m not the best at cubicle cohabitation 😛 That being said, I really liked that I could walk up to a cube and just chat with my hands on the walls. 😀

    I find that I like the confines of an office. There is something to be said about four walls enclosing your innermost secrets, flaws, and flare-ups. What’s said in my four walls stays there. In a cube, you can try, but the person next to you can hear everything…thus, there is nothing you say that stays hidden…At least not for very long.

    • Man, I HATED those cubbies. Sound traveled like mad, too, so even when you were trying to be quiet your conversation echoed!

  2. I assume you mean your event when you fell over the clay pot – or did you do something else that I missed? I hope not.
    I do like having my ‘own space’ but unfortunately, that pretty much goes away after you get married. LOL!
    My tiny little space is my working area in our joint office space that contains my computer space and my hubby’s. His, of course, is much bigger than mine. It’s a dream to finish the basement so I can have my own space down there but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Maybe if I get published, yes?
    I do agree with Flash that it’s nice to have your own little cubby where it’s just you and no one else. : )

    • Yep, but it was a clay planter the size of a football field (okay, it just FELT that way).

      When I first started writing, Amy, I had one end of the kitchen table. Then, I migrated to the dining room table. Then, my bedroom. Then, finally, a spare bedroom. This house is the first real house with what I call an office. It’s right off the living room, and although it has a closet (which classifies it as a bedroom) I can’t see anyone ever using it that way.

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