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When I returned from the hospital after my spectacular klutz attack, I closed the bedroom door and let Flash loose in the bedroom with me. In other words, I didn’t put him behind the gate that leads to his mini-bedroom.


Flash wouldn’t stop whining. He was very disturbed. He came and sat on the floor beside me, walked around, sat beside me again, and woofed at me. Finally, I asked my son to put him behind his gate.


He was one happy camper. Evidently, he wanted his little nook, even though it was confined.

I wondered if people are the same.

When I worked for The Big Bank, I had a cubby. I think my cubby could be considered both a prison and a haven. I liked that I had some space marked out as mine but there was NO privacy. The walls weren’t very high so you could see and hear everything.

My office today is a haven but after being on a deadline for a few weeks it might be considered a prison.

How about you? Do you have a nook that’s one or the other – or both?