July 28, 2020

I rarely talk about books while I’m writing them, but I think I let people know how emotional this book was before it was finished. There were about three parts that I could never get through without crying.

I personally believe that a writer has to feel what he’s writing if he has a hope of conveying it to a reader. Your imagination has to bounce off your experiences and convey emotion. That’s what I think the advice “write what you know” means.

Although I didn’t have the same experiences as the hero and heroine, I know what it’s like to love and to experience loss. Unfortunately, both of them were subjected to that a few times.

My Highland Rogue is the story of the son of a gardener, a man who had never found his place in life, and had always felt like a fish out of water. The only person he ever had as a friend, a sounding board, and someone to hold his secrets was the girl he grew up with, the daughter of the earl.

She loved him and he loved her, but the social gulf between them was huge. There were forces that wanted to enforce those divisions and separate them. They succeeded for a while, but then he returned, to find that the girl he loved still felt the same.

Unfortunately, the course of true love never runs smooth and it certainly didn’t for our star crossed lovers.

They do have a wonderful happy ever after, however.


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