Return to Clan Sinclair – an Impulse novella December 23, 2014

Or: the villain of the piece, the long-lost sister, and an American, oh my.

When I finished writing The Virgin of Clan Sinclair I realized that I’d left a few ends dangling. What happened to the villain in The Devil of Clan Sinclair? Did he just escape to America without any punishment? What happened to Ceana, Macrath’s sister and Virginia’s friend? She’d married the son of a duke in The Devil of Clan Sinclair but we really don’t hear anything else about her.

So, when Avon asked me to do a novella for them, I realized I had the perfect story. I would find out what happened to Ceana – and the rest of the Sinclairs – ten years later.

Here’s an excerpt of the novella titled Return to Clan Sinclair, priced at $1.99 and being released December 23, 2014 (a perfect electronic stocking stuffer, don’t you think?).

Here’s the cover – isn’t it pretty?