The Witch of Clan Sinclair Review

the witch of clan sinclair cover

How lovely! The Witch of Clan Sinclair received a K.I.S.S. Award and a 4-1/2 Stars and Top Pick designation from RT Book Reviews.

“With powerful characters and depth of emotion, Ranney’s latest Sinclair romance hits the mark. Readers won’t fail to empathize with the strong-willed feminist heroine and will desire the kilt-clad alpha hero. Ranney adds plenty of sexual tension, danger and historical detail to round out the story and keep readers enthralled.”


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The Witch of Clan Sinclair – Mairi

All about Mairi I’m fascinated with strong women, but my definition might differ from the mainstream. I see strength as moral and emotional, not only physical. For example, a heroine doesn’t have to have a black belt in martial arts for me to admire her. I see courage and strength in people who persevere every […]