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Failure is a Rest Stop


I personally believe it’s okay to fail. It’s the rare person who achieves success (or perfection) without failing a few times. What’s important is not how many times you fall but how many times you get up. Let me tell you – being a writer is an exercise in failure. The chapter doesn’t work. The […]

Charlotte Havisham MacKinnon of Autumn in Scotland

I love strong characters.  I especially like strong heroines, women who are warriors in their own way.  I’m not speaking about women who take up arms, but women who are morally brave and spiritually courageous. Charlotte Havisham MacKinnon, the heroine of Autumn in Scotland, wanted what we all want: some measure of happiness, respect, and […]

I Wouldn’t Want to Do Business with a Company That Rejects Me As a Customer

  This is your friendly Snark Alert. The reason for this post? The company mentioned just sent me an email touting their newest blog post: Learn how to deal with rejection as an author. Much hilarity (and rolling of the eyes) ensued. Last year when I was thinking of hiring a professional designer to redo […]